Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Hello everyone! Last few weeks, i attended the launching of SARIAYU COLOR TREND 2015: INSPIRASI PAPUA. I personally am super duper excited for this one! Truth be told, Papua has only recently be in the spotlight. It is one island with an area of 309.934.4 km2 which makes it the second biggest island in the world, aside from Greenland. This is not the first time SARIAYU was inspired infact, in 1992, with the theme of RIWAYAT ASMAT, Sariayu launched the color trend that are earthy. I myself have been curious about Papua, oh yes, my geography is not that bright back in high school so you all have to excuse me on that, and history too! But i am always curious about Papua, I feel that this island has a lot of characteristic and traditions that are unique! One place I really want to visit is Raja Ampat *perhaps one day * 

This Color Trend is inspired by a lot of characters that are found in Papua such as:

1. Buah Merah (eng. Red Fruit/ Pandanus Conoideus) is a traditional fruit from Papua where it can reach 16m in height. The fruit has a long oval-ish shape in 55cm/2-3kg. When it is ripe it turns into a maroon red color. This fruit is served as food on a traditional party of Bakar Batu yet there are a lot of people who used this as medicine. 

2. Flora/Fauna that are green and fresh and untouched grows healthily on the land of Papua. The "icons" of papua in terms of flora and fauna are: Cendrawasih bird, Reimani turtles, Victoria bird, Nuri bird, and many more but the most well known species is the Cendrawasih bird with its fur and height.

Papua also identical with the water and the sea coral that are clean and not polluted. Raja Ampat is one of the best spot for diving. The richness of nature and tradition of Papua especially Raja Ampat, Cendrawasih Bird and carvings are the ones inspired SARIAYU COLOUR TREND 2015.


ps: reviews on their new color trend 2015 products will be up soon! 

Alrighty then, enjoy the video and stay tuned for more posts!
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