Thursday, December 11, 2014


Good morning! I have a treat for you today. Last weekend, I was invited to watch the grand finale for Maybelline Indonesia Girls Search where it is the first generation of 10 girls with beauty inside and out. A true energetic, smart and outgoing personalities and this is done to appreciate them. The judges are:
Velove Vexia, Ryan Ogilvy, Glenn Prasetya, Monika Ardianti and Kamidia Radistri.

The search began with 50 high schools in 5 big cities in Indonesia where students can nominate their friends to join the search. There were 422 registration and with a good elimination, comes the 20 finalist where they have to come to Jakarta to be on a quarantine period in which they will learn about improving themselves through workshop such as how to interact with people, makeup class with Maybelline, photoshoot workshop where they learned which angle works best for them, and beauty blogging with my lovely blogger friend Carryn and Via :)

The event started with Mr Yanis by explaining that the aim of this Maybelline Girls Search is to inspire others to achieve their dreams. Ms. Monika added that these girls inspired others where they have dreams and they will achieve it therefore they were voted and nominated by their friends. 

Once the 10 finalist are announced, they have a responsibility to be Maybelline's talent for 1 year with a lot of opportunities to attend VIP events, workshop and of course they will received the prestigious knowledge and lessons in self improvement.

Here are the 10 finalist:
- Raphaela Natasha
- Olivia Brenda
- Fanggie Deeva
- Verona Avilia
- Myrna Cristanto
- Izdihaar Ariiba
- Nadya Nur Fadilla
- Janna Alilla Timur
- Savira Felicia
- Nadhira Maurishka

My favorite finalist is Verona (i think it is her name well she is #06 if i am not mistaken) for her answer on beauty that is important on the inside too. I couldnt agree more! want to know her answer? click here for the video of the event!
and click here to watch me get ready for the event!
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