Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It is finally the middle of the week and yas i know that "bleh" feeling but honestly, I love Wednesday!
Sometimes on Wednesday or Thursday I do some body pampering at home at night so no one disturb me :P I am not an expert in skincare or body care so these are just my personal choice. 
I know some of my friends tend to do more on their self pampering night but ya know i love mine to be simple as always. Simple and effective. What I love to do is to watch a movie on tv or laptop and just enjoy pampering myself. Sometimes I made some drinks but it was a hassle so i stopped. It spilled all over my bed hahaha wasn't a great experience though.

For you who doesn't know my daily activity, it consists of:
dad's office, event/home and then designing.
Nope, I cant concentrate designing at my dad's office. I prefer to do it at home alone. I put full concentration on my designs as I don't want to disappoint my clients so being in a relaxing and quiet environment helps me a lot. As in my dad's office, i gotta be honest, it can get pretty boring and here is when I write and search for my blog's idea. Why do i want to stay at my dad's office?
Well truthfully, the payment and the work that i have to do outside at other company is really not worth it so i dont want to waste my energy at places that doesnt appreciate it. I also want my designs to be mine not the company's therefore I started freelancing. Mostly on logos. For some reason, people come to me for logos. So yeah thats the brief story haha 

So moving onto the pampering routine. I do this... if i am keen, it would be once a week but sometimes, laziness comes over me where I do this once every 2 weeks or sometimes once a month!
I love doing self pampering because after you are done, you will get a smooth silky skin and you will feel refresh, girly and clean!

Here are the products I used:

I always have to do Body Scrubbing I used pretty much everything for scrubbing. Cant really tell the difference really :P My current product is the one from The Body Shop and it has the scent of honey. Dont worry, it is not the typical scent of honey :P Sometimes I used the sugar scrub that i purchased from the local brand here. I love it but the down side with it is the mess and you pretty much waste a lot. 

After scrubbing, I personally find it important to keep my skin moisturized. I mean isnt it pretty scary, you have removed a layer of skin and to leave it open to the air, I have no idea what will happen next. For this session, I always used the L'ocittane shower oil *not really know any other words :P* It is a shower soap but in a form of oil. Just to keep my body moisturized.

Then, of course, wipe myself dry with a towel. Next! This is probably the most non-favorite step but I know i must. It is the lotion-ing. If you are close to me, you know i hate lotion! I dont like the feeling of applying it nor after it. If you are not close to me well "hello nice to meet you" haha then you know now i hate lotion. My favorite lotion *probably the only one* is from Victoria Secret in Tease. The scent oh lawd! sexy sultry and feminine. I love this particular product because it is not sticky, it absorbs into the skin quickly and the scent is wonderful to be smelled to sleep :P

Once I am done with the body, it is time to treat my face. I dont have a lot of steps as my skin is pretty sensitive. The only thing i do is peeling or scrubbing but i feel peeling is much more safer. The V10 peeling gel is the best! Quick, handy and not messy! All you need to do is to apply it evenly all over the face, count to 7 or 10 then slowly massage the skin. 

Then, if i am feeling extra girly, I would apply mask and usually i will use clay mask from Glamglow but i ran out so this is the mask i have at home :P sheet mask is alright too but i dont really see any differences compare with clay-ish texture mask. I also apply an eye mask from Glamglow.

Lastly, I dont do this every time but if i have an event the next day, I tend to do my nails.
The steps are easy: Cut, trim, file, cuticle removing, oil, base coat, polish then top coat.
My favorite nail products varies from Revlon to Sally Hansen.

Well that is all for today, let me know what are your self pampering routine and your favorite products!
I might give them a try haha

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