Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Hello cutie pies!
Today, well yeah lets not blabber and jump straight onto the topic, i will be sharing one lip product.
I promise you, the next post wont be a lippie alright? so just be patience because i think this product deserve the spotlight.
As some of you may know that i am not that familiar with korean products, i have tiny knowledge of them but i do have 2 biggest favorite Korean brands and they are: TONY MOLY and STYLE NANDA 3 CE. Although todays review wont be about those 2 brands. Infact it is about ETUDE HOUSE colors lips fit. I believe that this is not a new product but it is in Indonesia.

Etude was really never capture my heart. I think the cupids arrow isnt sharp enough or cupid just bad at aiming hahah but yeah, this product is new in Indonesia. Not sure whether they are out in the store because a few days ago, i went and they werent there. But you still can read the review to help you decided right?

As you all know the packaging of the product is pretty simple. A tiny tube where you can twist it to open and voila! a good slightly dented applicator in the middle to contain more product to be applied on the lips. I believe most lip tint comes in this type of packaging? correct me if i am wrong darling. The design is girly and feminine as how Etude House is. As for packaging i personally find them pretty simple, attractive and handy.

Now moving onto the color pigmentation, surprisingly, this has a great color pigmentation! The colors are visible and bold on the lips just like it looks on the packaging. Not really sure on the other colors but as for this one, i give this 5/5 for color pigmentation.

The texture, it is matte once applied onto the lips so if you are prone to dry and chapped lips, you might want to use a lipbalm before applying this. The texture itself is actually creamy but not heavy therefore when it is applied, it dries and leaving a matte appearance. 

Longevity, hmmm wont say it is great as it will disappear after eating or drinking but I realized that there are patches of colors on the lips after a few hours. Of course you can always do some touch up :)

Now here it is on me:

Have you tried this before?
let me know what you think!

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