Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Okay! so excite!
First, I purchased this not expecting anything good and i was bored. This is my bad habit, bored, looked around then buy :( Anyhoo, gonna stop the "curcol", tried it, love it and now posting and sharing it!  But before i start let me share with you my concern. Whenever i buy a base for makeup, my only concern is my huge pores, therefore the products i purchase are mainly for pores, to cover them and make my skin smooth and flawless. It is a plus if it controls my oil though.

Without further ado, lets see the packaging. It comes in a white tube and a black cap for 25ml. Designs are all pretty simple. What I love about the tube is hygienic. You dont have to dip your fingers in. 
The price is IDR 299.000 pretty pricey in my own opinion.

Onto the texture, it is velvety and dries quick! Leaving a powdery smooth texture. You only need to apply this to the needed areas but for me it is mostly my entire face haha. As you can see from the picture below it is somehow translucent but if will become transparent once you blend it well into the skin. However, this product contains silicone so if you are allergic then i suggest to stay away from this.

When it comes to blending, it might take sometimes due to the thick consistency so that it is not blotchy but once it is dried it feels so light like there is nothing on your skin! As for the scent, i dont recall any horrid ones infact it is fragrance free hhaha *duh fee*!

When it comes to oil control, it wasnt as great as i expect this would be. It lasted up to 4 hours but leaving my skin looking smoother than before was all i need when I purchased this product!

Now, lets see how it is on me!

Alright, a tiny explanation:

The first picture are the ones both without the instablur, you can see the pores, redness and acne and basically it is disgusting hahaha then on the second picture, I applied the product onto the left side, just to see the difference. In this stage I see a tiny difference, i mean i still can see my pores but it is much better. Then lastly, I covered both with foundation and with foundation it is easier to see the results I think, and the last picture shows that the pores are visible compare to the right side.

Over all, i am impressed with this product! I love how it leaves my skin smoother and hides the pores pretty well. It doesnt have any fragrance and it feels so lightweight! However, I do not suggest to use this product every single day unless you dont mind doing a proper cleansing. Sometimes covering the pores arent alright because it will lead to blockage and resulted in acne.

So... have you tried this before? let me know what you think!

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