Friday, November 7, 2014


Hello to you sexy muse!
I am back here, with another brow products, yes i am obsessed with brows.
I believe a good pair of brows will shape and turn your face into... either... GOOD or BAD.
When it comes to brows, the basic technique is the same but the shape, really, it is up to you.
Some people love the korean type of eyebrows * i personally love them but i know they dont look good on me* and some prefer the arch-y kinda brows, which is also alright. 
Pick brows that suits to your appearance. 

When it comes to products, again, i have mention and talk about this before *i think*  but anyhoo, i shall talk about it in here again. Eyebrows products, the basic ones: pencil, wax and powder. Well these are the ones that I really like to do my eyebrows or other people's brows with. If you are a beginner, I really suggest for you to try out with pencil, you know to get hold on the shapes, filling and blending. I personally prefer a kit where it consists of: brushes, wax and powder. I feel this type of kit is super easy and handy especially when i am applying them on other people. 

Benefit Cosmetics Indonesia was so kind to allow me to try this baby out! Let me tell you my list of shopping aims from Benefit Cosmetics:

1. Brow A go-go
2. Brow zings (now that is fulfilled)

Brow zings is a kit of eyebrow wax and powder, my perfect kit for eyebrow grooming and shaping. This comes in this tiny square packaging. So handy and practical and you can even put it inside your makeup pouch, this wont take up much space. When you open this, this consists of: wax + powder, then 2 types of brush (hard angled brush and powder brush) but i personally prefer to use my good ol' brow brush :) then a tiny tweezers. I got mine in #dark shade and yes that suits to all skintone in here :)

The texture of the wax is smooth and this allows me to do a smooth outline of the brows. It doesnt give off a harsh color. As for pigmentation, I might try a tiny bit therefore the color doesnt really show on the brows but however, they are build-able. My favorite part is the powder, it has a good color pigmentation where once you applied it for the first time, you will be able to see color straight away. The powder itself is so easy to blend giving out a smooth and natural look.

I have a tutorial, unedited ones, edited a super tiny bit but it doesnt removed the timing and process of me doing my eyebrow. I know i post a few of how i do my eyebrow but one of you asked me the one without editing * means no cuts but i had to to fill in the process and no worries, timing and process still the same, i probably remove like 0.2 seconds of the clip* And this is for you :)

Click here to watch!
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Here is me trying out their product. I shaved my eyebrows because I dont like the shape.
It is pretty arch-y and high so it gives me this fierce angry look haha which i dont like.
I actually just got my brows wax so it is pretty neat and yea I just want to show you, the difference.

Well, it was nice sharing this with you! let me know what other products you want me to do a review on ;) until next time love! AU REVOIR!

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Pauline Reyes said...

I should get a swatch of this when I visit my fav local shop! :)
~Pauline @ Benefit cosmetic Philippines