Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hello you sexy beast! I was super excited when I got the invitation to try out the new Glamglow Powermud. Oh yeah! i have been waiting and wanting this for a pretty long time, i think it was when i saw Cassandra Bankson youtube video on how she properly removes and cleanse her skin, that moment right there was the moment I KNEW I HAVE TO HAVE IT! 

I thought this mask is a cleanser for skin, you know like a facial foam or something but nah, it is a mask that also work as a cleanser. AH-MAH-ZING isnt it? A complete review will be up soon because i am trying it out now but overall, i love this product so much! First you leave it on like a normal mask, then sprinkles some water to massage it. The texture will become oily so it is easy for you to massage.

I have a full video on the event, basically on the event we had the opportunity to try the product, me and Chell arrived first, basically I asked to go as the first people to try it hahaha and I LOVE IT!

Here are some pictures and yes i am very pimple-y haha due to some product I tried :( it is better now and... I HAVE THE VLOG ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL! so if you want to see... 


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