Monday, November 3, 2014


1st November 2014

Kaffeine, SCBD

Jakarta, Indonesia.

Boy oh boy! was it one hot sunny Saturday or what! It was, in fact, one beautiful day to be attending events on. I love the sun, the bright and the cheerful feeling it gives. What was I doing? Oh yes, of course, i attended the Benefit Indonesia event for  Wow Your Brow where they will teach you about eyebrows. ME + EYEBROWS = LOVE AND LUST hahah :P well, for some reason, I am pretty well known when it comes to eyebrows *who knows* I do love doing my eyebrows, in fact, i can wake up super early to do my eyebrows and take my time to make them look neat and gorgeous! So why not right attending an event where I can learn all the details about eyebrows! More ever when Jared Bailey was the one who taught us the BROW101 :P yeap i have heard of him before through youtube and yes, my life evolves around youtube. I love watching youtubers vlogs and all :)

I arrived pretty early actually because I had another event before and I hate being late haha that is one thing about me, people might think i am so uptight just because i hate lateness but yeah, i prefer to be early than late. So i was there, greeted my favorite person on earth just because she is bubbly and we connected through our jokes *believe me not many people understand my joke haha* she is Ms. Daisy Utami (GM of Benefit) and while I was one of the earliest people, I took the chance *while it was not busy yet* to take a picture with the most humble and loveliest Jared Bailey. He is so cheerful! I honestly could not wait to learn about brow mapping and brow waxing just because i have been waiting for this for a long time and to learn it from the expert? AH-MAH-ZING!

Jared Bailey is the international spokesperson for Benefit Cosmetics. He loves sharing the magical Benefit Beauty Service with the world. He is a licensed aesthetician and a global brow expert. He started working in Benefit as a Beauty Artist and worked his way up as a brand ambassador. This is passion and i love this about him. He has a mission to beautify every women's eyebrows! The technique of mapping is the same and applicable to all women but the shape defined the look. 
"There are a lot of women who has no idea with the power of the perfect eyebrows. I have a mission to spread the importance of having them perfect as it is the number one technique to enhance the beauty in every person" - Jared Bailey.


Then it began with Ms. Dessy introduced us to Jared, lovely! Jared told us about the history of Benefit Cosmetics. It began in 1976 with the identical twins named Jean and Jane Ford starting by opening a face place in San Francisco and within 1 year, they released Benetint to one exotic dancer in 1977. In 1990 the brand Benefit was born and slowly but surely, they expand their wings to NYC, London, Asia and many more. The best and the unique point from them is their Brow Bar that was first launch in 2003 to help the women with their brows. 

What is a brow bar?

Funny you ask my love! I will be glad to introduce to you what this is and why women are obsessed! 
This is a one stop bar for you to have your brows done by mapping and waxing. Eyebrows play the most important part on the face, i know because i am obsessed with them and i learned every single day how to make them good! Having your brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar not only to freshen up your look but also with the right shape, it will makes you look younger!  It is only a few minutes process and you will be handle with professional. In this brow bar, aside from mapping, they also do a Wince-Free Waxing Technique where this is the waxing service to shape the eyebrow and tweezing and cutting to neaten them. 

The was they do this eyebrow service process is different by making the customer sit down straight instead of lying down. Why? if you lie down, lets say you are taking a selfie in bed, your face feels stretch right? if that happens in brow service, you wont get a good shape in the end. 

What is brow mapping?

This is a technique to get that perfect shape and arch by measuring from the starting point, the arch of the eyebrows point and the finishing point on the brows. 

Once the presentation was done, there was this tiny game that I took a part in and yes i was shaking and nervous because i hate it when everyone looked at me but that was a good practice to do public speaking haha we had to come in pair and had to do each others eyebrow. This is also a good practice for me to do eyebrows on others. LOVE IT! 

Then there was this q & a session. One of them asked " is it true that waxing will make your skin saggy? " if you have this question the answer is "no". Another person asked "how to do your own eyebrows?" Jared taught us the easy trick by using our brush ;) thats how I do my eyebrows at home. 

Once the q&a session was done, it was food time but i didnt eat because i ate before and my digestion system and process arent doing well so i had to stay away from food haha but I did my brow waxing done by them! It was good! i had them once though as you all know I shaved my eyebrows so that I can reshape them into a more "angelic" shape haha 

Then, I won the online competition! i NEVER won any social media competition before haha but as for this event, yes i was into it because it is all about eyebrows! My weekend is getting better hahaha but then I had to leave soon to avoid traffic and yes going home took me 2 hours due to a fashion event :( 

Here are the pictures I manage to take through the events, i took mostly videos haha and you can see them here *also follow me on IG and ignore the voice*

As you can see from the picture above, that is me with no brows *told ya i am bald* and the one after the service. My eyebrows are naturally shaped actually so it is pretty easy to do my eyebrows hehe
Well, that is all for today's post! I really hope you enjoy this short report and tutorial hihi
Thank You Benefit Cosmetic! I will do a review and tutorial on the brow zings product soon!

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ps: sorry for the unedited photo haha :P my un-pleasant looking skin is visible


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