Thursday, October 9, 2014


Well hello there again my lovelies :*
I am here with a review of one of my current favorite lip products!
It is Too Faced "Melted" and, I never really considered buying products from too faced until, 
one day i was walking around Sephora just to waste time due to the 3-in-1 rules in Jakarta.
Out of curiosity, I swatched this product in exactly this color and...


The product itself has a pretty normal and basic packaging but I love the designs on this. The fonts it is used somehow showing a more playful yet boy-ish feeling *there goes my #designersramble* and it is in pink! well the tube and the outer box packaging *which I threw away haha* are coordinated well together which means, the colors on the packaging represent the colors of the liquified lipstick.

To use this product, you just simply have to twist the cap open and squeeze the tube slowly because you dont want to waste a lot of product because only a tiny bit of this baby will gives a good color on the lips.

The innovative part of this product is the applicator where it is in a velvet tip that helps with the application where it doesnt mess the product and spread the product evenly. It has a fuzzy texture and just squeezed the tube and the product will eventually come out. 

Yes, on the packaging itself mention that there will be no brush needed some people might find this alright but some might find applying the products using the applicator itself is hard and prefer to use the brush, either way it is fine.

This product has an amazingly high pigmentation and you only need a tiny bit because it will go far. The consistency is opaque and it is creamy-ish (not too thick creamy). I love how easy this is blended into the skin and more ever I love how great the colors on the lips. I knew I wouldnt regret purchasing this one haha :P 

As for the scent, I dont remember anything horrifying haha 

So here are the swatch on my lips, MY SEXY LIPS HAHA
please ignore that red patch, that is kinda my bad habit i need to stop :P

Here is the 1st layer.
If you prefer a more subtle and natural look, apply 1 layer.

Here is with 2 layers!

Who have tried this before?
let me know!

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