Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Alrighty! I am gonna cut to the chase and ask you lovelies out there:
C'mon dont be shy because I DO!
Yeap, thats right, this is one problem i am facing and barely tell anyone.
I was on the edge of giving out. I tried a lot of shampoos, serum, treatment, from low to high end brand, from low cost to expensive treatment, sigh.. nevertheless, nothing change. One day, Kaminomoto contacted me and I thought "well what do I have to lose?" and decided to give this product a try.

Kaminomoto is the most well known manufacturer in Japan since 1908 and has been continuously working and updating their hair care and protection products. They went through variety of test, utilizing the latest scientific discoveries to bring the best out of the best for the hair. All of their hair growth products contain ingredients from natural sources, such as: medicinal plants like Kujin, Enmeiso Rosemary and Kanzo and with that they earn a good reputation and feedback from the world. Kaminomoto also controls the scalp function, regulates the blood circulation of scalp and encourage cell function. This increase the hair growth while preventing hair loss.

How to use this?

1. Sprinkle a good amount onto your scalp twice daily. 
You need to massage it so that it is absorb into the scalp and works its magic :)
2. Massage it with your finger tips.
3. Apply slightly more when it is at night.

So, here is me on the first day using the product.
Now let me remind you again that, I tried to use this twice daily but there are days when i forget :P

Here is after 1 month of using

So far, I am pretty pleased with the result. I can see baby hair growing and since i didn't apply this regularly, the process is not that fast. I do suggest for you to try with the shampoo to get a maximal results. oh! and... less hair fall even when I blow dry it :P

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The Daily Dolly said...

Maybe I should see if this helps my hair to grow too! ^ w ^