Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Hello lovelies!
Just a tiny... review on another lippies :P
I am sowwee! I love lip products way too much and i have tried this and thought that this product deserve a review. There are both good and bad side on this product so it is a more love - hate relationship and I want to know what you guys think! *leave them down in the comments below if you have tried this!*

I have been eyeing this way too long now and one day I decided to purchase this.
I got it in #3 crime pink and I am still considering #8 :P
This product has a cute product ensemble. With a transparent body of a hard plastic bottle and a black twisty cap, make this product easy to use and handy to be placed in your bag. It has the name and logo on the front. As you can see on the pictures above, the applicate is "dent" not in a bad way though but in a way where it fits onto your lips. The "dent" or curved part fits onto the lips perfectly and with the tip you can use it to line the lips. 

This product claims to be: waterproof, sweat-proof, touch-proof, matte, super pigmented and long lasting. But are they though? lets see!

When I first tried this, i thought
"oh wowwww! i hate the feeling!"
It feels like you have this extra layer on top of your lips that covers so tightly like you lips wont be able to breathe! I personally think to apply this, you must have a clean slate of the lips which means no balm, no chap-stick, no gloss, no whatsoever, otherwise, THE PRODUCT WONT STAY!

So long story short, yes i hated the feeling of layered and covered but it last for a few seconds then you will have this super pigmented and long lasting color (except if you are going to eat oily food or drink alcoholic beverage). I do agree with the claims actually!

waterproof (yes) , sweat-proof (yes) , touch-proof (yes! i tried to rub my lips, it wont budge!) , matte (yes it is matte) , super pigmented and long lasting (YES AND YES!). 

I personally think this product is really easy to apply and, once it dries it feels powdery and lightweight. Honestly, it feels like it is your own skin. The down side though, if you have dry lips like mine, do a good exfoliation as this product will make the dryness visible. You also have to wait for a few seconds for the product to set in.

Another concern about this product is, well this is not really a concern for me, it claims that it needs its own remover, i used my own remover and it was fine, you just have to be patience. 

So overall, I am rather pleased with this product as I love the pigmentation, the longevity, the colors but the down side, i have to make sure to have my lips really smooth and i have to be patience to let it set on the lips. 

But hey! whats a little patience compare for a good, long lasting colored lips for a whole day ?!

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The Daily Dolly said...

Ohh it is too bad that you cannot wear lip balm underneath! ^ - ^