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Whatsup girls and boys :*
How are you all doing today?
Well well wellllllll....  what do we have here?
Yassss, I barely do eyeshadow review but this one right here, is worth it!

If you are looking for a high end eyeshadow palette that is small and handy to be carried around, well you are in the right place! so come and sit, take you favorite beverage, mine is a glass of hot tea or iced and happy reading!

If you are a loyal reader of mine, you know i am obsessed with lipstick haha
but this post, I dedicated to this lovely quad of eyeshadow.
I barely buy eyeshadow actually and I barely apply them onto my eye mainly because of my oily eyelids, I did apply primer and everything but, in the end, they will crease. 

So when it comes to eyeshadow, i am very picky.
I will pick colors that I can wear daily and night time 
and that mostly will focus on: smokey look.

Did you know whenever I go and get my makeup done,
most of the makeup artist will give me a smokey look! 
It is either, I look good with smokey look *confidence overload* 
or smokey look is the most requested and easy look to be applied on everyone to give that boost onto the appearance. Well who knows.

Alright, so i was traveling one day and decided to purchase one quad from Chanel.
I dont own any eyeshadow from Chanel and my best friend is obsessed with their makeup, so i thought,
why not? let me get one and see how it goes.

From all of the quad, this shade attracted me the most.

I love me some smokey eyes so I just love the colors in this palette!
and recently, after a lot of trials and errors on how to wear this colors so that the colors are visible and still smokey, I found a way haha well thats not the point of this post.

Basically what I am trying to say is, I love the smokey colors that arent black and I got them within this quad :)

The packaging of this product is pretty simple and classy.
If you are familiar with Coco Chanel and their products,
you know: classy and ladylike is most of their concept.
From handbags, perfume to cosmetics.

A combination of black and a plain simple white logo are good enough to portray the concept.

To open the product, simply press the latch in front and voila, it opens with a mirror and 2 sponges applicator with their 4 gorgeous smokey colors *loves*

The color pigmentation is gorgeous! well it is a high end product but not all high end have a good pigmentation except this one! Since the colors arent black, so do not expect to get a super smokey dark black eye look. These colors are easy to blend although, I did found difficulties on how to wear this because most of the colors look the same as soon as it applies onto the eyes haha 

I love the texture, they are so velvety and thick. It feels so good when you blend this product into the eyes. One of the reason why I love this product is you can use one color to get that smokey look and this quad is a twist onto the classic smokey eyes. 

At first, I had to admit I was rather confused on how to use this since the colors are so close together and when you mixed them, you wont be able to see the colors. As you can see, even when this is a smokey eye quad, you can see 1 of the color is more blue-ish and the other is more red-ish while the rest are the plain white and black. 

I love everything about this quad but it took me sometimes to understand and how to play around with the colors, which leads me to conclude that: it is easier to used one color at a time to show the colors more. However if you prefer to blend and wear more than 2 colors at the same time, feel free to do that but the colors wont be visible :)

Here are the swatches and the colors on my eyes.
In this look, I apply the black eyeshadow as the based, the add the blue-ish tone eyeshadow on top and apply the red-ish tone shadow on the outer corner.

I know you can barely see the colors but I love it still because of the subtle finished look of a more modern smokey eyes :) I feel a subtle smokey eyes make me looks less fierce and angry :P

* deep down i am a bubbly girl who loves to laugh and talk*

And if you happened to be in a bad mood because today is just not the day,
here is a candid of me hahaha funny face to cheer you up!

I hope you enjoy this post and if i happened to find the dupe,
I will let you know :* and... 

I will be going again for holiday, let me know if you want this palette.
I will help you buy them :* just make sure to do the payment before hand ya.

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