Monday, October 6, 2014


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A few days ago, I was invited to Benefit Plaza Senayan to attend their launching event for:
Majorette Blush. Whats the inspiration behing this product?


Oh yes! This somehow reminds me back to the good old days haha nope, i wasnt among the popular kids because I am the type of person who loves to make friends with everyone. 

Majorette is a new arrival product in Indonesia for Benefit and it is a cream to powder booster blush.
It leaves the cheeks and instant "cheer" up blush! I love the packaging, this is probably the cutest blush i have ever own in terms of packaging but unfortunately this product doesnt come with the applicator.

The size is pretty handy and easy to carry it around. It comes with a mirror and a transparent protection for the blush. It is bevelled in the middle with its symbol and yes, you can see at the bottom right, a dent that I made when I opened this product HAHAHA *smarty pants me*

And here is the close up look of the product *and the dent on top that caused by me*
As for the texture, it is creamy but when applied to to the skin, it turns powdery which leaves off a natural flush :) 

Here are a more clearer swatches. You can use this as a base for blusher or you can use this on its own.
All you need to do it to twirl your finger on the product and apply it.

There are a lot of ways to apply this:
by finger, by makeup sponge, by foundation brush

I personally prefer to use my finger because it lifts up  more product to be applied and I have the control on how I apply it.

The color of this blush is pink-peachy tone which I ALWAYS RECOMMEND to everyone who asked whats the best color when it comes to blush on. ALWAYS BUY A PEACHY-PINK color especially if you are a beginner or prefer to have one blush for all occasions.

This product blends easily onto the skin and it spreads evenly. The color it gives off is super natural even on the picture it looks orange but nope, as soon as it is on the skin, it has this sweet natural flushed color.

Here is me wearing the blush only. I love how it gives off the right amount of color onto the cheeks.

If you are interested, they are available on the counter for IDR 400.000
Well, i hope this helps you in finding a good colored blush on and yes,
go for this Benefit Majorette Blush if you are looking for a one blush that can be wear for all occasion.

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