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Jakarta, 28 August 2014 , Empirica SCBD

Everyone who went through teenage years, like me, surely knows how it feel to be a teenager, especially girls. Teen girls today are full with their activities everyday. I remember when I was a teenager, well my activities consisted of hanging out, being cool, movies, swimming, and of course those girly pj's party at a friend's house. I miss those moments but hey! yes being a teenager was really wonderful, that moments when you are active and adventurous! 

You have the rights to try something new and it is that feeling that makes you active.

As a teen girl, that was when I started to learn about complexion and truth be told, yes, good complexion really boost up the confidence in me. Maybelline New York, presented the new product which is the White Superfresh, a compact powder for brightening that are suitable for teenager in Indonesia who are active daily with SPF 34 PA +++ to protect the skin. 

I arrived late due to the traffic in JKT! but i arrived safely though haha :P The event began with Mr.Yannis  Rodocanachi,  General  Manager  Consumer  Product  Division L’OrĂ©al  Indonesia. 

  “Sebagai brand kecantikan nomor satu  di dunia  yang  mengusung  visi  kecantikan  yang  menginspirasi,  Maybelline percaya  bahwa  setiap  remaja  putri,  terlepas  dari  apapun  personality-nya, merupakan sosok yang cantik. Mereka berhak untuk tampil percaya diri dalam mengekspresikan kepribadiannya dan mencapai apa yang dicita-citakan. Oleh karena itu,  Maybelline berkomitmen untuk menyediakan produk kecantikan berkualitas yang terjangkau bagi setiap remaja putri Indonesia.” - Yannis R.

Face appearance is one of the factor that increased someone's confidence to express their personality and to do their daily activities with comfort. "As a base makeup, this powder plays an important part that makes a difference in someone's complexion. It is important to pick the right powder. White Superfresh is the solution to give every teen girls in Indonesia a more brighter look and fresh all day" - Monika Ardianti as Business Unit Manager Maybelline New York.

Living in a tropical city has its ups and downs, the down side is probably the pollution and the heat that are resulted in oily skin and sweating. When the oil and sweat interact with the powder, some powder pigments will react and resulted in different colors that gives a dull look. With White Superfresh, it is able to absorb 5 times more that in result, a longer fresh complexion up to 12 hours. 

Indonesia Brand Ambassador Maybelline New York, Velove Vexia also attended the event where she shares her experience.  “Seperti para remaja dan wanita muda lain, saya juga memiliki banyak mimpi yang ingin diraih. Saya membutuhkan  produk  kecantikan,  terutama  bedak,  yang  dapat  diandalkan agar bisa tetap nyaman ketika melakukan aktivitas apapun dalam keseharian saya. Sebagai Brand Ambassador Maybelline, saya merasa senang karena bisa berbagi solusi untuk tampil cantik dan percaya diri kepada sebanyak mungkin remaja  putri  di  Indonesia  yang  juga  sedang berupaya  mewujudkan  impian mereka. " - Velove Vexia

Another makeup artist that is well known in Indonesia, is now the official  Make Up Artist untuk  Maybelline New York Indonesia, Ryan Ogilvy. He also mention that it is important to pick the right powder for teen girls. 
 “Dalam  memilih  bedak,  selain memperhatikan kandungan dan manfaat yang ditawarkan, para remaja putri juga  perlu  menyesuaikan  dengan  personality dan  kegiatan  yang  kerap dilakukan. Bagi mereka yang aktif berkegiatan, baik di dalam maupun di luar ruangan, sebaiknya memilih bedak dengan kandungan SPF.  Selain itu,  pilih juga bedak yang memiliki daya serap minyak dan keringat yang baik sehingga wajah bisa terlihat selalu fresh setiap saat.” - Ryan Ogilvy

Another makeup tips from Ryan for teen girls is to pick other makeup product according to their personality such as:

Traveller, City Girl, Sporty Spice, The Artistic or Bookworm.

Together in this event,  Maybelline also introducing their contest with the title
“Maybelline Girls Search” as a part of their campaign of “Enhance Your Look, Show Your Personality” in aiming to appreciate teen girls in Indonesia who has a smart, confident, beautiful characters who will inspire others to reach for their dreams!

The judges will be from various background such as: Photographer, public speaking, makeup artist and many more. The prizes are a 1 year contract to be the model for Maybelline and other experience such as: beauty workshop, beauty camp and of course VIP access to all Maybelline events. At the end of the year, in December 2014, Maybelline will held a party where they will announce the 10 winners.

Here are some pictures I took on the event, sorry for the low quality :(
Nevertheless, do enjoy them!

Here are the outfit and makeup for different types of personality!
Which one are you?

Here are the faces behind Maybelline Indonesia.

I hope you enjoy this quick event report :* 
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