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So let me tell you something, I love cleansing product, especially the ones to remove makeup. 
As much as I hate washing my face but I cant deny that I am a cleanse freak when it comes to my skin.
I do a lot of double cleansing and if you want to see the video how I remove my makeup, click here
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There are different products that I used depending on the makeup I wear that day and 
I do love trying out cleansing product to find out which one is good and effective to break down the makeup and remove it.

So, you can imagine how many cleansing product I owned at home and here are some of them that i have picked for you, the basic ones.

Before i begin, these products work well on me and might not on you. Always do a deep research before purchasing them!

Product of makeup that I used in this post for test are:


All of these products are known to have a good pigmentation and staying power.



Yeap! I dont really know what to call this but this is the very first makeup remover type i tried.
With this, and as I was a very beginner in makeup, I used this to remove ALL of my makeup!
Yes foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick and etc.

It removes pretty good but it is pretty wasteful with the cotton pad and the product.
I do love the makeup remover from Maybelline and they cleanse the eye and lip product pretty good!

Here is how it looks like. It is a combination of water and oil. It removes the makeup and also moisturizing which is important especially for the eyes area. As i mention above, I love Maybelline makeup remover as they pick and removes the makeup at one go! This is the very basic makeup remover I believe a lot of people know and own and yes it is good and handy.

It doesnt irritate my skin and this is what i used whenever I have my own personal makeup class.
*yes i do open a one day basic makeup class*


Now, what is a cleansing foam? There are some cleansing foam that are produced to remove makeup easily and also cleansing the face. So it is a 2 product in one. 
I personally, wont recommend this step if you have a good full makeup on.

Or maybe it is just me being paranoid of having makeup left on the skin haha but hey! that isnt good because it will cause acne! I prefer to have my skin clean to the core!

This cleansing foam is just like any other cleansing foam, it comes in a cream-ish texture and in this case, I am trying out this foam as a makeup remover. As you can see it doesnt really break down the foundation and the eyeliner but it lift up easily the eyeshadow and somehow the lipstick too.

It has a texture of soft and foamy (hence the foam) and it applies easily. 

It doesnt have any weird scent and for my own personal preference, I dont really like washing and cleansing my face with just a facial foam as you can see it doesnt really remove the foundation. 
However, I do use this as a double cleansing which means, I wash my face one more time to make sure that all of the makeup is off from my skin.

You can also use this as a daily facial wash actually but as for a makeup remover, nope for me.


Well there are different types of this like lotion, milk or cream but they are all base on liquid-ish so that it is easily to blend and absorb into the skin and of course by massaging this, it helps to break down the makeup.  I used to love buying cleansing milk because I think it is more affordable and saves up a lot compare to the original makeup remover (not really sure how to call this type but yes i am going to call it the original). It is much cheaper actually.

Different brands has different ability to remove makeup. I happened to have this one right now. I used to love Mustika Ratu Cleansing milk because it lift up the dirt and makeup a lot and easily. 

So that is one recommendation for you.

With this one, it doesnt really lift up the foundation, eyeliner and lipstick. But I really do recommend to purchase on cleansing milk to remove most of the makeup. Much cheaper.


Alright, I am sure this product is a repetition from me! I always bring this whenever I go traveling.
I just love this! It lift up makeup, literally every makeup easily without me having to pull my skin haha :P

This is done in 1 wipe, 90% the make up is off from the skin!
It moisturizes and soothing on the skin.

However, it is a waste and much more expensive if I have to use this on a daily basis because I would be wasting a lot of wipes :P so I only bring this whenever i go traveling.


After my certain amount of love for cleansing milk, i encountered cleansing water! Oh my!
I fell in love and this is my current cleansing water.

The very first cleansing water I tried was Bioderma and Bifesta.
Those 2 are good, the pick up makeup easily but the down side, 
you do need a good amount of cotton pad to use if you have a good full makeup.

Why I love cleansing water is because, it actually refresh the skin and I don't feel sticky or oily.
I lift up the base makeup (foundation, powder, blush) easily. 

The downside is, with this cleansing water, it is kinda hard to remove eyelash glue.
As for a good pigmented product, you probably need 2 wipes or 3 to make sure everything is off.

I only use cleansing water for base makeup actually or if I do use cleansing milk or balm or oil to remove most of my makeup, I use cleansing water for the final cleanse before the facial foam. 

*i did told you i am a tiny bit paranoid right if the makeup is not off 100%*


I knew cleansing balm from a youtuber and I did have my curiosity poked to find out how it is on me and how the product as a whole. I can only find this one from The Body Shop. If you have seen any cleansing balm in Jakarta do let me know :*

So basically, it is in a texture of a balm.
If i can compare the texture not the scent, it is like the tiger balm that we all use hahha :P
It is semi creamy and gel-ish that it breaks as soon as you massage it onto the skin.

The balm itself has a thicker consistency that leaves my skin somehow moisturizer but as I have an oily skin, I feel that some of the residue from the balm is left on the skin but that is just me. 
If you have a dry skin, this might feel so soothing on the skin for you.

I love how it liquify and melts with our body heat as I massage it onto my face to break down the makeup. I did try to remove it with cotton pad straight away and it doesnt work that well. It actually doesnt lift up that much product but when I spray some water and massage it even more, it is easier to be lift up and remove by the cotton pad. 

It also removes eye and lips makeup easily and I forgot about the eyelash glue, I think it helps to loosen up but it doesnt really remove it.

I used this for a full makeup basis but i barely use this just because I dont really like the feeling after :P
and it is pretty messy to use, as it doesnt come with a spatula to take the product out.


Now, this is my current favorite!!!!
Yes you all know i have an oily skin but that doesnt stop me from trying and loving this.
More review will be up on my youtube channel so make sure you subscribe!

There are a lot of cleansing oil but since i have never try this, so i decided to go for something more affordable. I love the one from The Body Shop.

I love this becauseeeeeeee it breaks most of the makeup off including lash glue!
I think because it is oil so it breaks down mostly everything!
It is affordable and you dont need a lot of product.

I only use 1 pump and this picture below is taken with one light swirl on the hand. 
What I usually do is, to pump a good amount onto my palm, then rub it in my hands, pat my face and massage it slowly. It even removes a waterproof and long lasting makeup.

It gets a bit messy because of the oil and to remove it you need water and massage it more.

Regardless the mess, it lifts up 99% of the makeup away and all I need is to use a cleansing water to make sure it is off before heading to wash my face.

Full Review will be up on my youtube channel!

Hokeh, so I hope these information helps you in choosing the ones you want to buy or try.
Let me know what other post in beauty you want to see hehe
it could be makeup tutorial, reviews, tips and tricks?

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