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Hello to you nail lover!
Yasss, today's post is dedicated to the nail art or nail polish junkie :*

I got three newbies in town that are coming soon!

So tell me what are you all doing? at this second while reading this post? let me know :*

Anyhoo, it has been a week since i last posted? *gasp* oh my my :P but i am back today with one of my favorite nail polish!

i did a review on Sally Hansen few months back, it is all detailed and complete if you are curious the background of Sally Hanse. Click here to read. 

Alrighty, say hello to:


Yasss, those shines baby!
If you love a good radiance and shines on your nails, because we all know that those make the nails looking all gorgeous and healthy! Sally Hansen are here bringing the most update innovative products of the season most covetable's colors int he TRIPLE SHINE range.

There are a lot of daily activities that we all women do that affect the shines on our nails and nail polish,  and factors such as detergent, hand wash, all the way from chlorine and heat will and can damage the shine of the polish. Hence, the new innovative products are created to help the shine stays longer with its one-of-a-kind ultimate shield complex.

I received three gorgeous colors that I really love!
My nail polish collection are ranging from: reds, nudes and whites.
much bore? yass i think so too :P

I am so glad to be able to play around with another colors and I barely.. no wait.. I dont think I have ever worn any dark almost to black color nail polish? but i got them and LOVE LOVE LOVE!

The colors are #390 #190 #280 or #sparksfly #slickblack #divein

Sally Hansen nail polish owns the patented shape of brush, it is oval and sturdy which makes it easier to apply. It lays down polish smoothly and evenly to form a glass-like, giving a flawless look and a lasting shine as if you just applied it. 

Triple Shine Nail Color is formulated with an Ultimate shield complex exclusive to Sally Hansen. It is a combination of balancing the solvent and colors to work well together for a high pigmented colors and maximum shine.

It contains a complex of Pro Vitamin B5 n E to protect the nail from the water and detergent. It also contains Sea Kelp and Panthenol for hydration. 

As for the shine, it is from Guanine, a natural crushed pearl found in aquatic life.

Here are the colors on the nails:

#280 DIVE IN



This collection of TRIPLE SHINE comes with 26 different colors that are divided into 3 categories:

1. IRIDESCENCE- shimmers, metallic, pearlescent pastels range colors.
2. POP- 10 vibrant colors that are bold and bright!
3. FANTASEA- a glittering selection of nine aquatic tones that evoke the sun dappled sea.

Price is IDR 80.000

Alright, now a brief personal opinion of mine after trying out these gorgeous range, I LOVE HOW IT DRIES VERY QUICK! yes one reason why i hate applying nail colors is the time it takes to dry. This is so quick.  The colors pigmentation and vibrancy is high, it is actually sticking to what it says to the categories. It last pretty long on my nails and it doesnt chapped that badly. I actually found it hard to remove the glitter which is good, it proves the strength it has on the nails and the best thing is, no color stain after removing. I mean some polish leave stains on the nails and I hated it but this one doesnt. 


Here is the quick and short tutorial I promised you by using all of these 3 colors. You are all probably have seen this tutorial all over youtube but hey! i am challenging myself to do one since, I am not a big fan of nail art but I manage to do some :P 

btw, do you guys want to see more nail art? I did several but I stopped. Let me know :*

Alright, first thing first, apply the  #190 Slick black all over the nails, I applied 2 layers to have a  more intense dark base. 

Then next, you will need some type of rough sponge *like the one in the picture* and the #280 Dive In
Apply the polish slightly on the edge of the sponge.

Then, dab it across the nails *picture below* You need to be patience because it needs a few layers to have the colors come out and visible. Keep on dabbing until you are pleased.

Lastly, apply the #390 Sparks Fly all over the nails and ta-da you are done!

If you want, with a toothpick or dotting tools or perhaps a plain tiny brush tip, dab some white color (acrylic paint or nail polish) and dotted all over the nails but I didnt do this in this tutorial. 

Just keep an eye for these range from SALLY HANSEN, it is affordable with a good quality. I am actually waiting for them to be display in:

GLOW - Plaza Indonesia // Beachwalk Bali
WATSON- Pondok Indah 2 // Summarecon Mall Serpong // Mall Kelapa Gading // Pacific Place // Plaza Semanggi // Summarecon Mall Bekasi
GUARDIAN- Grand Indonesia // Plaza Indonesia
SOGO - Plaza Senayan / Emporium Pluit // Alam Sutra
METRO- Gandaria city // Surabaya
CENTRO- bali

You know what would be fun, a good shopping day together :P haha
Well I hope this review is clear and you enjoy the tutorial. I personally really love these range. I love the quality and I love the price. They are all completed each other. 

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