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What I have right here is a good quick review on the new range of makeup from Mustika Ratu called 
"Simply Stay" with characteristic of Soft, Moist and Long lasting. 

Before I begin, I will write this every time I do makeup review, especially foundation or powder, I have a very oily T-Zone and combination to oily on the rest of the face. My nose will be the first one to get very oily :P So whenever i pick any base products, I always want them to be long lasting like how it looks on the very first apply. 

I have the opportunity to try this from Bblog Indonesia to try this. 

Mustika Ratu is one of Indonesian Cosmetic brand that follow the trend of makeup. They created the range of Simply Stay for the active women who prefers a very handy and practical product. Each of the formula contains natural ingredients and are safe to use and long lasting. 

From the packaging sample above, it contains:
stick foundation, liquid foundation, two way cake and moisturizer.

The colors are in:
caramel latte, sweet choco, smoothie yellow and pure white.

This range is the basic range of makeup that are created for active women to give a more handy solution to look fresh. All the formula and colors are created for Indonesia women to look amazing everyday. Their target market are ranging wide from high school to university up until career woman who are active, simple and modern and prefers products with good quality and affordable price. 

At the back of the packaging, it has the list with pictures of their new range together with the direction on how to use this. 

They also have their qualities, such as:

1. To moisturize, to brighten and to soften the skin.
2. anti oxidant
3. It has UV Protection
4. Soft texture and easily absorb into the skin.
5. Easy to apply
6. Long lasting until 12 hours
7. Halal

The Simply Stay makeup are basic makeup for us women who lives in a tropical island. 
This contains:
Curcuma Heyneana Root Extract - natural skin conditioning for moisturizing, brightening and softening the skin. 
Tocopheryl Acetat (Vit. E) - a natural anti oxidant to protect the skin from the uv
Octyl Methoxycinnamate- to protect the skin from UV B

Now, lets take a look at this gorgeous sample. 
Now, I love the sections in this sample but sadly, 
it doesnt have the shade name on the stick foundation and the two way cake.
I tried to look for it but i couldnt find anything so, i had to assume the names on the stick foundation and two way cake based on the colors of liquid foundation. 

Here is the moisturizer, it comes for dry and normal skin.

This is how it looks like. The ability for this moisturizer to absorb into the skin was alright. It felt moisturizing after application. Apply the moisturizer and wait for a few minutes until it is fully absorbed to give that long lasting look.

Then this is the liquid foundation, it comes in 4 shades of
#pearlywhite #smoothieyellow #caramellatte #sweetchoco

Here is the close up look of the names and the packaging.
Its real packaging would be similar to this.

Now the color swatches on the hands.

This liquid foundation, i found this is hard to blend.
It will blend eventually but i kind of expect this to blend into the skin easily.
It took an effort to blend this.

As for the colors, I couldnt find anything close to my skin tone so I had to go for the yellow undertone because the #pearly white, it has a pink undertone that makes my skin looks dull. 

Coverage and pigmentation wise is actually medium, it doesnt covered my acne at first attempt but at the 2nd attempt, it covers better. The texture is lightweight and smooth.

Moving onto the stick foundation, as you can see from the samples, it has no names for the shades so I had to take a rough guess :P 

The texture of the stick foundation is smooth actually and this blends so easily onto my skin. It feels lightweight and it covers pretty well. The pigmentation is medium but if you layer this you can get a high coverage finishing look. Stick or cream foundation usually has a higher coverage than liquid foundation and for a stick foundation, this actually blends super easy!

I am assuming that these are (l-r) #pearly white #smoothie yellow

#caramel latte #sweet choco

The two way cake, again, i had to take a rough guess at the names, if any of you have tried this and know the names for this and the stick foundation, let me know! 

The two way cake comes in 4 shades and I am assuming these shades are similar. 
The texture is soft and thick so it covers good. It is light weight and blends easily. 
This works well with the stick foundation for a good long lasting makeup. 

Now, lets see the experiment and I shall let you know which product I used.
Here is my bare face.


First product, liquid foundation in #smoothie yellow, because I cant find anything close to my skin tone and if I apply the #pearly white, as i mention above, it has a pink undertone that makes my skin looks dull and I dont want that! so yellow undertone it is!

Here is the first layer, as you can see it balance out the redness but it doesnt cover the acne that well on the chin.

Next I use the stick foundation to do the shading.
I love the stick foundation, the color's pigmentation is good enough for my skin tone, and when it blends, it gives this natural look shading on me. 

Then lastly, the two way cake in #smoothie yellow to finish the whole look!
I love the final outcome actually and from here I assumed that I love the stick foundation and the two way cake because of the coverage and their blending ability. 

And, yes I didnt mention anything related to longevity because i want you to look and see how long it sits on my skin together with me!

Here is taken at 11.20 pm, just a few more minutes for lunch!

2.17 pm

Dewy looking on the rest of the face but starting to get oily on the nose.
I actually love the glow haha

4 pm,
sorry taken by my phone because i couldnt be bothered to go and get my camera :P 
At this hour, the TZone area is oily, very oily for me, and the rest is getting to be oily. 


I have a very oily t-zone where only limited makeup products can stay still on me. 
I personally think that the liquid foundation doesnt have a good longevity on my skin but with the two way cake on top of it, the two way cake helps the products to stay longer. I also realized that everything blends easily into the skin except for the liquid foundation but then again stick foundation is always good in coverage and pigmentation :* I think if you mix the stick foundation together with the liquid foundation, it will has a stronger longevity, a better coverage and easier to blend! so give this tip a try :* 

If i had to wear the stick foundation, i have a good feeling it will last longer than this and if i can repurchased, I would buy the stick foundation and the two way cake powder. 

Moisturizer IDR 15.000
Liquid foundation IDR 20.000
Stick foundation IDR 50.000
Loose powder IDR 60.000
Two way cake IDR 75.000

happy shopping !

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