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Hello love!

Are you suffering from black or white heads? you know the one on your nose.
Have you tried using the nose strip but it keeps on coming back? not forgetting that feeling of peeling the nose strip, I never like that feeling.

Well, wait no more, say hello to B.LIV "off with those heads"!

Not really sure how many of you heard of this brand before but, i am sure my fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans heard and tried this before. So let me introduce you to this brand!

The Background

Creator  of  “paramedical”  branch of  skin  care,  Cellnique  has  been  the  leading  paramedical  brand in professional skincare industry for over fifteen years. Cellnique has intensively focused on providing the best available skincare solutions- namely, its well-known 9x9 skin care matrix – through professional consultation with skin care centre.  In order to extend its solutions to the younger generation, Cellnique decided to bring its effective and proven salon formulations out from a closed environment to retail specialty stores. In 2006, Cellnique introduced the world’s first beauty-salon-formulated blackhead and whitehead remover gel, off with those heads, under the new skin care line, b.liv to the mass market. Though intended for younger, on-the-go consumers, b.liv has the impeccable pedigree of being the creation of Asia’s most effective paramedical salon brand, Cellnique

Brand Philosophy 

B.liv seeks to inspire the youth of today to  believe in themselves; that they can make a difference not only in the care of their skin but also the world they live in. After all, this generation will decide the fate of mankind and the planet we call home. B.liv is also about confidence- hence, the name “b.liv” is not just a contraction of the word “believe”, but also of the words “be” and “live”. This constitutes a life-affirming motto which exhorts consumers to “live for the moment” and seize the day. More than just a skincare brand, b.liv is a vibrant philosophy that both the target market and its creator strongly share.
Tested over 200 professional skin care salons Developed by Cellnique, the leading Paramedical skin care solutions for professional market, b.liv Is the only skincare brand in the over-the-counter market to have undergone trails and testing in more than 200 professional skincare centers prior to mass-availability.  Beauty salon Formulation As the origin from professional  salon background,  b.liv  products are  formulated with the potency of exclusive salon-based solutions. Thus, without physically visiting professional skin care centers, users of b.liv products can expect results similar from undergoing treatment in professional skin care centre

If b.liv can solve the most severe blackheads and whiteheads, and large pores in hot tropic markets, b.liv can solve similar skin concern in any market b.liv is formulated to tackle the most severe and stubborn blackheads and whiteheads, and large pores for hot and humid tropical climates such as Singapore and Malaysia. Such skin problems are prevailing and severe  among  residents  in  such  countries.  The  result  delivered  by  b.liv  in  reducing  blackheads  & whiteheads, and reducing large pores size has made b.liv the number one market share leader in such segment. Even for the worst blackheads and whiteheads and large pores concerns, b.liv us synonym with producing noticeable result. 

So am I glad or what to be able to try this product! 
I never did any research on this, because I thought, hey this is for the black and white heads only so it is safe. I received this product in a box packaging but again, i threw it away :P *habit*

So from the pictures above, that is the product. Such a simple design with a clear information. I love how it has the warning where it mention: more oil to be secreted during the usage is normal and if you have sensitive skin, you might feel a tingling feeling (because it has a mint and cooling characteristic)

It comes with a pump and what I love about it is how the pump doesnt pump too much of the product otherwise it will be a waste. It just pump and release an enough amount of product for me to use around the nose area. It also mention that this works in 2 weeks so after 2 weeks, you will see visible result. 

Is this true? well lets see!

The product comes in a transparent gel form. It is not runny and as soon as you applied onto the skin, it blends easily and absorb into the skin easily. It extract the "heads" without any painful feeling and you all know I have a low tolerance of pain :P

I use this before any of my moisturizer so my skincare for morning and night routines goes like:
washing- b.liv "off with those heads" - let it absorb into the skin - continue with my moisturizer.

As soon as the gel touch the skin, it feels minty. That is all how I can describe, the cooling feeling with the scent of mint. It absorbs into the skin really fast! 

Here I have a before and after picture, so pleaseeeee dont get shock and afraid haha
i do have huge pores and redness so it will look SUPER DISGUSTING!

I could say that my skin ISNT GOOD AT ALL :P

here we go:


As you can see i have the gorgeous black and white heads all over the nose and surrounding area.



Yes I am super excited aahhaa :P 

It is much better! compare to the before picture and yes I do however skip a few days of usage but imagine if I use this every single day, twice a day! It would be all clear.

My conclusion is:

I am so happy with this product because I didnt expect much from this but the result is amazing. It actually works and extracting the heads without me feeling painful. It is not sticky and instead it absorbs into the skin fast. I just love how it gives a good result. It doesnt break out my skin too!

Does it remove scars?
I dont think it does as this product is aiming for the blackheads and whiteheads.

Does this make the pores smaller?
I also dont think this actually make the pores smaller but with the black/white heads being removed and gone, it gives a smaller and cleaner appearance.

Find out about B.LIV and i believe they are coming to Indonesia soon!

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