Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hola my gorgeous peeps!
I got bored during the holidays and I havent been doing much of a special effect makeup / face painting lately, so why not? I wanted to capture this on a video, not realizing that the battery was low, so long story short, VIDEO WAS AN EPIC FAIL and I realized it when the makeup was done 

But anyhoo, Here is the look.

I wanted to do a skinned face but the muscles arent showing that well :/ 
probably need more dark shading in it.

To get this look, it is very easy, it looks hard but it is not.
You can do both sides of the face but I decided to do only one side because...


If you want to follow the steps for this specific look, do your makeup on one side first.
Once done, create the outline for the muscle. Then with the special effect media, apply it on the outline on the muscles, blend well and lift up the side facing the muscle to give that effect of skinned face.

Then, start drawing the muscle by using white and red paint with a little bit of black.
Please get a good face paint as the one i own is not that great. Anybody wants to give me one? :P

Then to give this a more realistic look, add some fake blood.

There you have it! a skinned face, perfect if you want to scare people :P
*rotten idea from me haha*

if you have any other idea for this type of makeup or beauty,
let me know on the comments below.

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