Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello you gorge ladies :* 

So this is not a tutorial. I wasnt planning to do one anyway.
I dont want to waste this hahaha so why not put this together in here?

Lets see what can we talk about today?
Oh how about my love for face paint or special effect makeup?

I wont talk much though, dont really wanna bore you all with my rambles.
But i love doing this type of makeup. Some might find this weird but i love it!
I feel happy and satisfy if people are actually scared by looking at these makeup I created.

It means I SUCCESS hahahaha

Oh and I am open if you have any questions, request on beauty stuff.
I also have a one day beauty class. yeap one day for the basic beauty.

Why one day?
Well, I dont want to spend a lot of time as I have other  thing to do and I also believe that, everyone needs a basic beauty knowledge and here i am wanting to help them.

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