Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hello loves!

I got the chance to experience the upcoming innovative products from SALLY HANSEN. This event located at Bistronomy. Love the ambience of the interior, so vintage, rustic yet romantic. I thought I was late because I am not familiar with the area but I made it just in time! It started with tea time with the fancy tiny snacks platter and a cup of hot tea. I love my tea. I am a tea lover!

Before the event began, I walked around just because i am curious of the products and what are we going to do today and here are the hints in pictures below with the new collection of the TRIPLE SHINE!

The picture below was.. me trying to learn to get a good shot of photography.

Here is me sitting down nicely, picture taken by Nita from

Each table are provided with our names, some samples of nail polish TRIPLE SHINE and here are the colors on my table. 

I knew that we had to come without any nail polish, so I removed mine and here is the before picture.

The event started with Anne explaining the new range, the quality, the background, the ideas, the colors and everything else, which are written in a separated post. 

Here are the slides that I didnt cover in the review post, click to enlarge and enjoy :*

Once the introduction was done, we had a nail art competition! 
I am not saying I am a nail artist, but I can do nail art. 
I didnt come prepared as in I have no idea what I am going to do but I know myself that i am going to do something simple, quick yet gorgeous. 

This has always been my strength * i guess* I know my capability in creating something good and quick, this happened a lot of times back in school and university :P So I decided to go for pinks, because it is girly, and do a different tones for the 10 fingers, so it is like a gradation and to spark it up, i added glitters. 

Here is the final look, I couldnt take pictures through out the process, we were busy painting our nails, finding colors from another table and yes we were slightly competitive haha :P I met several nail bloggers, and OH MY GOSH! their nail art are gorgeous! so detailed and neat. 

I won as one of the winner ;D yayy*
I barely win in any event but luck was with me that day!

The picture is dark because it was raining! but you know what, with the romantic rustic ambiance, the rain just made the whole situation romantic. I feel like I was living in another country :P 

Well, the event was done by us taking a group picture but I dont have the picture.
I did the review on the product so click here if you missed it. 

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