Monday, August 25, 2014


Hello love!

Are you suffering from black or white heads? you know the one on your nose.
Have you tried using the nose strip but it keeps on coming back? not forgetting that feeling of peeling the nose strip, I never like that feeling.

Well, wait no more, say hello to B.LIV "off with those heads"!

Not really sure how many of you heard of this brand before but, i am sure my fellow Malaysians and Singaporeans heard and tried this before. So let me introduce you to this brand!

The Background

Creator  of  “paramedical”  branch of  skin  care,  Cellnique  has  been  the  leading  paramedical  brand in professional skincare industry for over fifteen years. Cellnique has intensively focused on providing the best available skincare solutions- namely, its well-known 9x9 skin care matrix – through professional consultation with skin care centre.  In order to extend its solutions to the younger generation, Cellnique decided to bring its effective and proven salon formulations out from a closed environment to retail specialty stores. In 2006, Cellnique introduced the world’s first beauty-salon-formulated blackhead and whitehead remover gel, off with those heads, under the new skin care line, b.liv to the mass market. Though intended for younger, on-the-go consumers, b.liv has the impeccable pedigree of being the creation of Asia’s most effective paramedical salon brand, Cellnique

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Hello you gorge ladies :* 

So this is not a tutorial. I wasnt planning to do one anyway.
I dont want to waste this hahaha so why not put this together in here?



How are y'all doing on this fine day?

So let me tell you something, I love cleansing product, especially the ones to remove makeup. 
As much as I hate washing my face but I cant deny that I am a cleanse freak when it comes to my skin.
I do a lot of double cleansing and if you want to see the video how I remove my makeup, click here
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Good Day to you love!
What I have right here is a good quick review on the new range of makeup from Mustika Ratu called 
"Simply Stay" with characteristic of Soft, Moist and Long lasting. 

Before I begin, I will write this every time I do makeup review, especially foundation or powder, I have a very oily T-Zone and combination to oily on the rest of the face. My nose will be the first one to get very oily :P So whenever i pick any base products, I always want them to be long lasting like how it looks on the very first apply. 

I have the opportunity to try this from Bblog Indonesia to try this. 


Hello you fashion and beauty lovers!

I am very sure you are all familiar with this web or name. 
If you are not, well where have you been love?
come and click here !

Alright then that settled. So, when did I first heard of ClozetteID? 
I cant remember to be honest, so you can imagine HOW LONG AND FAR BACK i have known Clozette. I love being here it is like my home! being surrounded with beautiful inspiration. 
I have always love to make things beautiful and that includes finding inspiration and voila! here i am being active almost every seconds in everyday on clozette or IG :P yeap my IG is linked to clozetteID so whatever I post on IG, you will see it on ClozetteID

Now, what is CozetteID?

click to enlarge to get the whole idea.

These are all taken from Clozette Indonesia website .

Clozette Indonesia is the social network for women to share their passion in beauty and fashion where each of us can spread our inspiration to be other people's inspiration in a form of virtual closet. In a virtual closet, this is where you gather and collect all of your inspiration in the form of video or pictures.
Upload your favorite tutorial from other beauty guru, holy grail product, face of the day, recent purchases or perhaps your wish list? I have a lot! 

Everything we girls love, we can find it here in Clozette Indonesia! 

What other things you can find in Clozette Indonesia you ask?

well dear, you are in a goo treat from me!

You can find the most precious beauty community, where you can share a lot of beauty stuff like makeup, nail art, fashion, or even other inspiration that inspired you!

I do a lot of youtube videos around beauty and I did share some of them so click here if you would like to see! 

Clozette Indonesia's activities consists of:

Sharing is caring!

There are 2 communities in Clozette Indonesia, fashion and beauty. Here is where you can share everything! from look of the day, outfit of the day, wishlisth, tutorial (my faves), makeup of the day (my faves) and many more!


Discover the other gorgeous influencer from the other clozetters. It is always fun to meet other who inspires you and i really hope i am one too :*


This allows you to organized your virtual closet where you can put them in categories, mine are MAKEUP: BEAUTY , MAKEUP: FACE PAINT/ SPECIAL EFFECT, RECENT PURCHASES AND INSTAGRAM.


Not only sharing *because sharing is caring*, organizing and discovering, but it also has a section for us who would like to sell or swap makeup in the CLOZETTE BAZAAR where you can find new items or preloved items 

This is literally your own boutique, as I always love to call it, where you can arrange and collect all of your items to be sold. I always want to do this, have a special space for my own collection to be sell and here i am, organizing my own store, i will be selling preloved clothings and beauty but they are all in superb condition so check it out here: 

Then, so sorry for the tiny picture below but if you would like to join the fun, stylish, beautiful craze at Clozette, it is super easy! All you need is the # !

Just a good simple #clozetteid and your picture of inspiration will be up at the web but remember to activate the link between your instagram and the web then we all can share all the beautiful things!

Alright then we have the ambassador and hello there me!

To be an ambassador, I know that I am a newbie as an ambassador, and through out my life, I actually really LOVEEEEE sharing beauty tips. Anything beauty and makeup related, I am always open to answer your questions. I found it satisfying to be able to help others who are in need. 

Being an ambassador for Clozette Indonesia, it is really an honour! So let me tell you briefly about me, 
I always love to do art and probably i have an artistic soul? haha well I love art with all my love, heart and passion. I love transforming one basic thing into something ah-mah-zing! That passion are shown through my designs (branding) and makeup.

You may realized that my categories in my closet are actually tiny :P and the main ones are:

yes, I dont put a lot in it because i want it to be clean and organized. I am thinking to put another category for OOTD but under consideration still :P i am more interested into makeup. I always believe that makeup will enhance that beauty of every single person. 

What amazed me even more is how makeup and certain tools can transform you into a character. 
I dont really know how many of you love face paint here but I really love it! I have more on my blog that i have not upload them in here. Face paint or special effect (yes the ones that turns you into a ghost, vampire, zombie, burn, etc) is one of my specialty :P aside from beauty of course. 

More face paint or special effect makeup are coming up so if you love them, kindly follow me and if you dont well... just a quick warning that some gory images... well not that gory though, are visible :* 

so dont forget to follow me!

Here are the compilation of my closet. A lot of mixture from daily life, face paint, makeup tutorials and just a good face of the day :P Love to mix things up a bit to stir the sparks in my life.

For all my friends who arent Indonesia, feel free to join, not only to be able to keep in touch with me but of course, to be inspired!

Where to sign up?
Sign up here 

Find and follow me in Clozette! 
 just to see what I come up with in beauty world and perhaps my next face paint tutorial?

and view the other lovely ambassador here .

and me on my other social media:
twitter: @museswonderland
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like my FB page: Muses Wonderland
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ps: all pictures are from Clozette Indonesia

Monday, August 18, 2014


Hello hello!

I am back with my promised hehee here is my take for the face paint of Mortal Kombat "SCORPION"

This face paint is super easy and yes, if you are looking or gathering looks for the upcoming halloween here is one of them :*


Whats up guys?
It is one fine day today! 

I received this gorgeous product and wait, before I begin my story, how many of you heard COVERMARK before? 

I have not. 

Once KBJ (Kawaii Beauty Japan), open a registration for bloggers who would like to try this, I give this a go! Hoping it is a good quality product for my skin (oily and uneven texture). Of course I did a basic research on the brand itself. 

I never heard of COVERMARK before I did my research, so today, i am introducing you to this.
Covermark is a foundation expert from Japan that is found in Singapore. Yes it is pretty near from Indonesia. It is a combination of foundation and skin care into one product with a purpose of concealing face imperfections (one of the reason why I really want to give this a try). It also claims that it has a resistant to water and sweat and stays long on the skin.

for more information on COVERMARK, kindly click here

Friday, August 15, 2014


Hello Sweet loves!

Sooooooooooooo........ things got a little bit unplanned and I know i promised you to show you the Scorpion face paint but that has to wait because today I will be showing you one tutorial for Independence day inspired by our Indonesian flag of red and white!

As you know, this weekend is our Independence day and if you are planning to have a beautiful gathering of celebration, like makan-makan cantik or perhaps main game cantik? * i have no idea how to have a game cantik sih haha* but you dont want to come too plain and would like to spice your look a bit,
you have come to the right place!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Hello loves!

I got the chance to experience the upcoming innovative products from SALLY HANSEN. This event located at Bistronomy. Love the ambience of the interior, so vintage, rustic yet romantic. I thought I was late because I am not familiar with the area but I made it just in time! It started with tea time with the fancy tiny snacks platter and a cup of hot tea. I love my tea. I am a tea lover!


Hello to you nail lover!
Yasss, today's post is dedicated to the nail art or nail polish junkie :*

I got three newbies in town that are coming soon!

So tell me what are you all doing? at this second while reading this post? let me know :*

Anyhoo, it has been a week since i last posted? *gasp* oh my my :P but i am back today with one of my favorite nail polish!

i did a review on Sally Hansen few months back, it is all detailed and complete if you are curious the background of Sally Hanse. Click here to read. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Hola my gorgeous peeps!
I got bored during the holidays and I havent been doing much of a special effect makeup / face painting lately, so why not? I wanted to capture this on a video, not realizing that the battery was low, so long story short, VIDEO WAS AN EPIC FAIL and I realized it when the makeup was done 

But anyhoo, Here is the look.

I wanted to do a skinned face but the muscles arent showing that well :/ 
probably need more dark shading in it.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Hello peeeeeppssssss ~

For some reason, there are a lot of people asked me about hari removal. The differences, the process, the after effect and which one is less painful. Well, it is alright to ask, I love it when you ask me something beauty related and trust me, when it comes to hair removal, I did my part of asking :P

Here I am going to help you and hopefully answer some of your questions on hair removal. I did my fair share back to the olden days when I was young and carefree *!?* with hair removal. Yeap, I did tried a few process and treatment so in this very post, I am going to share the types of hair removing treatment or process that I went through. There might be a lot out there but here are the ones i have tried until now.