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I am sure you probably have seen and ready the similar review upon the same products from other bloggers, but here I am going to share with you my experience using V10 WATER BASED PEELING FACIAL MASK. 

I know for a fact that peeling is really good and it is super recommended for my skin but I always thought to myself that peeling is painful. I did a facial peeling before at one of the beauty clinic here. It wasnt that painful but i still can feel the pain which was for me painful. I have a low tolerance for pain though :P 

Then, when i was asked to do this review, honestly, i was afraid but then I heard so much good thing about V10 so why not? I decided to give this a try and I have been trying it to get a valid result for a couple of weeks now. 

What is V10 Plus?
It is the world's 1st skin supplement concept.

Now, what is the Water Based Peeling Facial Mask?
According to my own understanding, it is a one stop, quick and practical steps to get a glowing and healthy skin! They have won a variety of awards such as Finland Cosmopolitan Magazine 2013.

This V10 Plus water based peeling facial mask is made from rice extract and seaweed. It doesnt contains rough scrubbing particles which is rather harsh onto your skin. This facial mask has the power to lift up the dead skin cells, clean the skin and brightens it.

The active ingredients:

Rice extract for the natural ingredients for anti oxidant such as:
Tokoferol,  Tocotrienols, Gamma Oryzanol, Phytosterols, Polifenol and Squalene. 
They are useful to fight free radicals and to help the aging process on the skin.

Seaweed extract with the high absorbent toward the mineral and sea-salt, seaweed has the characteristic on natural healing process that also to slower down the aging process. Even the mineral that is found within the seaweed also have the characteristic to replenish the skin moisture. 

The mask comes in a sachet, honestly, I though that it would, I dont know, looks like the typical mask,
hardened then we remove it with water but when I open this, it is totally different!

The texture is gel-ish yet watery. It is semi solid as you can see like a gel and it has a clear appearance. As for scent, I dont remember any horrible scent so I was fine with the scent. 

And here I am, testing it at the back of my hand in a tiny amount and look at the dead skin cells :P
*opps embarassing moment*

I personally have seen and feel the differences before and after using the mask.
Here is before, all clean but i can see my skin is dull.

Lets do this!


* at this time, I didnt feel any pain or tingly burning feeling which is good *



*as you can see, the peeling took only a few seconds! and you can see the result! what i love about this is it doesnt leave and irritate my skin and turn my skin into redness*


Wash your face with warm water.
* sorry i couldnt capture this process*


I feel my skin is more bright, glowing and smoother of course.
I love how quick it is and easy to use to achieve such a glowing result. 
As for moisturizing, i have a pretty oily skin so I cant really tell the difference 
but i really can tell that my skin looking from DULL to BRIGHT and GLOWING!

Here are a few tips from Mrs. Akiko Yokota
the founder of V10 !

1. Use this peeling mask 2-3 times a week.
2. Pick a water based product because it is safe for all skin types.
3. Use sunblock to protect your skin.
4. Drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday.
5. Do not use facial cleansing product that contains scrub everyday as it will irritate the skin.

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