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I have a review for you but! before i begin, i shall share with you the history of this product.  I actually owned one before but, I didnt like it, regardless the many splendid review on this product. It didnt work on me and yes i was sad therefore, i dont have any review previously on this eyeliner. Then i received one so I thought, hey why not give this another go? so here it is, my humble experience and review on this product.

First of all, my skin is oily on the t-zone and normal-oily on the rest, except for the eyes, they are oily on the eyelids. This is the main reason why I barely wear any eyeshadow and tend to wear falsies a lot *sigh* the joy of having a very oily eyelids. Do you have oily eyelids? please do help a sister here out here, I have tried several eyeshadow primer and ... yes... they dont last long on me either. 

Anyhoo back to the review, here is the packaging, I shall let these pictures speak for themselves and if you want to look at the instruction and etc, enlarge the picture.

The outer box is very informative, as you can see, it has the explanation on how to use this product.

It has the ingredients and details of production.

The explanation on the product, so you are all clear that this claim to be the Waterproof gel eyeliner.

I got mine in PURE BLACK, nothing says sexy and sultry than black.
I am not making any sense haha

Right, moving on to the product itself, this is a very handy product actually, it comes with the brush so you dont have to bring a separate brush in your bag. I only wish it comes with a tiny mirror though so i can use this product on the go. Which is still not a good idea but hey! when you are in a rush, you gotta do it.

I just want to say how much I love the brush, it is flat with a pointy tip that ease the application of the gel eyeliner. This is one of my favorite style of brush for eyeliner. 

Here is the swatch. I love the pigmentation, it is super high and rich. I tried this on my hand, it dries quick and here is the best part, it doesnt smudge that easily, it is waterproof because I tried to remove it with water and with several eye makeup remover, only a few that removes it. I love the texture, it is so smooth and glides easily. So, based on my research on the internet, the texture, the waterproof, the pigmentation are proven true.

Now, lets move on to my eyelids. To make it a fair test out, I decided to put one eye with eyeshadow primer and one doesnt. The primer I used is NYX eyeshadow base. Perhaps different primer has different quality but I dont know, a new separate post for eyeshadow primer if you want though to find out which eyeshadow primer is good and i think my eyelids are the perfect candidate to test them out.

Now, after 2-3 hours, I did check my eyes and voila! --"

smudges! sigh*......... i have no comment what to say to those eyelids of mine. Although most of the product are still in tact on the upper lash line but, it still smudged :(

In my conclusion, this product is actually a great and affordable product for you who have a normal type of skin on the eyelids, you really should own one but if you have an oily eyelids like mine and if you do have a great eyeshadow primer *me dont have a great eyeshadow primer* do give this a try because of its good quality based on my test out on the hand that dries very quick and rich in pigmentation. Also it is waterproof and stays pretty long. 

have a great day!

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