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Hows your day today?  I am thinking right now, what products from SILKYGIRL that are worth the hype? I have to say it is their 2-way foundation! I tried their 2-way foundation before and I LOVED IT. 
Here I got the chance to give this foundation a try. It is the SILKYGIRL BB BRIGHTENING 2 WAY FOUNDATION *phew that was long*

It claims to brighten your whole complexion hence the name so shall we see?
I got mine in natural which probably wont help much but the color isnt that far off from my skin tone though but still i wish i got it in 01 :) 

Ohrighty then, apart from brightening, it also claims:

1. Covers imperfection
2. Even out skintone
3. All day shine control
4. Long wearing
5. Natural finish

Here is the back view if you want to know more :*
just click and enlarge it.

Now, onto the product itself, it comes in this cute pink colored packaging. So cute and girly!

When you open it, you can see the powder (yes this is a powder form of foundation), the sponge (handy if you are a traveling kinda person) and the big mirror!

Here is the pigmentation and when I swatch this using my fingers, I can feel that smooth and velvety texture on the product. It doesnt break easily, it is so soft that it blends well to the skin. As for fragrance, i dont remember a strong fragrance. 

Now, that was the quick review of what i think of the product using my finger tips.
Now to a more valid research, the product onto my skin!

I have an oily T-ZONE and normal-oily on the rest of the skin. I have an oily eyelids, if that helps with the information. In this test out, i dont apply any foundation, no moisturizer, no sunblock so I really want to see how this works on my original skin condition.

Here is after the appliance, it only use 1 layer and it covers so well. This is the main reason why I love SILKYGIRL product for powder foundation. Good and rich pigmentation, velvety texture that resulted in the high coverage finishing and evens out my skintone, as you can probable tell, i do have redness. 

As for natural finish, If only i got mine in 01 :P but yes it does give such a natural finish.

Here is at 3pm, at this time, I realized that my nose is already oily but the rest of the face is dewy and glowy. Love it when my skin is like this :* 

Here is at 5pm, the T-Zone started to get oily and the nose, yes what can you say, it is the first spot where the oily comes out haha but as the rest of the face, exclude the t-zone, it is still dewy.

Usually after 3-4 hours, makeup doesnt stay this long. It is either slides off or cracked. 

Personally speaking, I really do give this product a 5/5 review because it sticks to what it claims.
High coverage, evens out skin tone and natural finish on the first appliance which I LOVE!
Long lasting, yes this is done with no foundation, no sunblock and no moisturizer but the product itself has sunblock which is a plus and it last! even when the oil is out, the product still intact on the skin, still giving it a good coverage, neutralized skin tone, natural outcome and long wearing!

But, as for the all shin control, i think it i just my skin and body that produce excessive oil but yes for my skin type and compare to products i have tried, this last longer on the shine control area.

I really do recommend this product for everyone, not sure how it looks like on dry skin but for normal skin do give this a go and for oily skin, I have shown you the result, so it is up to you now :* but I can tell you, i dont regret owning this product.

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r-auLia said...

packagingnya cantik ya...
hasilnya juga bagus di kulitmu. jadi pengen cobaaa :D

theresia fweegy said...

Hehe iya packagingnya cakeppp tp wrnanta agak dikit gelap ke kulit aku hehe tp yaaa lumayan sh produknya. Ga mahal juga hehhe