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I have a new review for one of the new member in Glamglow mask. You all know that i did several review for Glamglow and they are the best mask ever with an instant result. No i am not being paid but i am saying this based on my own experience using them. I personally love the youthmud mask from Glamglow.

If you would like to view other review:

I have another review but I actually forgot to put it up, it is the supermud! This mask is good if you have an acne prone skin. I tried it but because my acne is due because of my hormones, I barely can tell any difference but the one that i tried and spot the difference were the Youthmud and the Eye brightening treatment. You really should give these babies a go :*

But, today it is all about the new baby in the family, the HYDRATING TREATMENT MASK.

As you all know that Glamglow gives instant result so I decided to give this a go. The brochure even said that this is for all types of skin but I personally think this mask is made for dry skin specifically although if you have normal, combination or oily skin could give this mask a try though.

My skin situation is oily on the T-Zone especially my nose, normal-oily on the rest of the face. Acne is caused by hormones which means, if i want to cure my acne, I have to work on my hormones. Confusing and much hassles? I know :P but hey that my body haha


 hydrates , moisture, restore, replenish and calming.

Glamglow Thirstymud is the newest innovation with a potent blend of hyaluronic, citric and linoleic acid that are active from ground olive leaf. The micronized clay traps and absorbs moisture in the skin. 

This product gives a long term hydration with powerful hydration liquids, designed to provide hydration and barrier active by using Oat Beta Glucan multi skin hydrator and hyaluronic acid for deep skin penetration providing an instant dewy, moist and youthful result. 

As for the medium term hydration effect, it comes with the Botanimoist apple moisturizing saccharide with natural malic and hydroxy acids, sodium hyluronate to refresh and nourish depleted skin. Combine with super micro Hydra clay to trap and retain moisture deep in the skin to leave your skin with an instant silky and supple feeling.

The short term hydration in this mask is a combination of raw honey for deep skin energized radiance with Lauric acid, ginger, vitamins c & e for instant smooth and healthy complexion.

The patented of TEAOXI OLIVE LEAF that delivers a natural linoleic acid to maintain moisture. The real olive leaf is used for its Hydroxytrosol, Oleuropein, Tyrosol for instant super sexy skin. 

Alrighty then, once all of these ingredients are done, Lets move on to the exciting part, the mask itself and the test out on me ;)

This mask texture and appearance is different compare to the youthmud and supermud. As you may know that the youthmud and supermud are in the form of mud mask, where it is applied onto your skin, and dries hard. As for the hydrating mask, the texture is different.

It is more a gel+cream texture, where it is soft and easy to spread and blend all over the skin. However, I am not a big lover for the scent as I am very picky with the scent. The whole color and texture and characteristic of this product is very different and the opposite of the youthmud and supermud. 

One unique thing that I found with this mask is the hydrating power. Yes!
This mask doesnt get dry, leave it for max 10 hours (yes you can sleep with it) it will still in its own characteristic of hydration. It really hydrates your skin. 

Now, lets see my skin, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED, no makeup or editing, all pure and real :) so you can tell the difference. 

Here is before the mask.

As you can tell the mask is not in a mud or clay texture but it is more to a soft gel cream-ish texture.

This mask is spread evenly onto my skin. It was super easy to spread. 

I left this for 15-20 minutes and I realized my skin is more supple and "bouncier".
I also realized it brightens the skin and somehow calming the redness on my face. 

Overall opinion is that this mask is super great if you have dry skin. According to one of my friend who has dry skin and she tried this, she said she loves it (shout out to JESSLYN) 

I personally, didnt spot a lot of differences compare to the youthmud. I have an oily skin that is probably one of the reason why I still feel my skin supple :P but it refreshen my skin and somehow toning down the "face demon" on my skin :P

If you have a normal or dry skin, well more to the dry skin skin condition, really do give this mask a go, it is worth every single money!

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