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Hello Dolls!

Who here have short lashes like me?

Want to know how I end up with short and sparse lashes?

You see a couple of years back, I decided to treat myself with some eyelash extension
only to find that they were a tiny bit too hassle-y and at certain period of time, it pokes my eyelids.
I guess I didnt like that feeling and I forgot that I wasnt supposed to touch it, but i did and worse, I rub and scratch it haha :P * i probably shouldnt be laughing though*

I have the solution for you if you have short lashes :)
BeautyBox Indonesia is now welcoming APOT.CARE
a France-Switzerland skincare to join the beauty family for everyone.

APOT.CARE products are formulated with variety of different active ingredients that is used in the anatomy of the eye medicine.

Before I began explaining why I have been using and loving this, I realized that everyone has a different rate of growing *hope this sounds ok* Do expect a different and varies result from each and everyone who has tried this. I realized that there is some changes on the lashes.

They come up with a product called OPTILASH.
It is a serum to intensify your lashes in the form of serum.

According to the fact in the picture above, it claims that:
Lashes growth up to 40% in 2 weeks and 60% in 4 weeks.

This serum has been tested and it is non-irritating serum that dramatically transform the appearance of the lashes in less than a month. 

This has the formula to develop your lashes in a rapid speed, of course safe too, to develop your lashes to the maximum potential. It is inspired by the technology today from ophthalmology for lash growth and this innovative lash serum uses a highly effective P226 Polypeptide combined with a moisturizing and nutriment-packed Optiwide complex to make sure the rapid speed, the lasting growth and to conditioning and protect the lashes. 

Introducing the active ingredients:

P2226 Polypeptide to strengthen, lengthens and thickens eyelashes in 2 weeks time 
(of course result varies to each person) 

Sodium Hyaluronate to help to moisturize the lashes of course to increase the glossy appearance.
Panthenol (Provitamin B5) and Biotin (Vit H) to help to increase the strength so it wont break easily.
Optiwide Complex acts to accentuate the natural appearance of the lashes and to reduce loss. By fortifying the hair fibre and bulb, the rate of cell multiplication is increasing that resulting a longer and thicker lashes. 

This product is paraben free and non irritating for everyone yes including you who wears contacts or you who have sensitive eyes. 

- creates the appearance of voluptuous lashes in just 2 weeks
-Optilash is also beneficial for brow enhancement.
-The prostaglandin-free formula frees you from the harsh side effects of other lash

Clinically Tested Efficiency*results vary *Results based on a 60 days independent clinical study with product application twice a day.*
-Up to 40% increase of lash length  2 weeks and up to 72% in 6 weeks 
- Up to x3 times increase in lash diameter in just 2 weeks 
-100% of participants confirmed an visible improvement in the general appearance of eyelashes 
-100% claimed they would recommend it to friends
*Results based on a 60 days independent clinical study with product application twice a day.

As I have tested for almost a whole month now, lets begin on how much I love the simplicity and the minimalism design of the brand and the packaging. It has the basic data that you need. Such a simple and clean looking product.

When you twist and open the cap, I was expecting a brush, even when i saw the applicator, I thought it was a tiny brush but it wasnt. The applicator is somewhat flexible and it makes the control of the application on the lashes easy. 

The serum itself is clear and it absorb into the lashes real quick. I need to try this for my eyebrows actually :P just to see how it goes. I feel that the serum has a cool effect? or maybe it is just me :P

Here are the result:

In my own conclusion, yes it gets longer within 2 weeks but as for the thickness, it only gets thick like a very tiny bit. Through out trying out this product, I cant deny that there are certain events that I do wear lashes and probably did some invalidity towards the result. I tried it on the bottom lash line, I also realized that they are longer but not thicker. As for the upper lashes, they are longer by far and thicker only a bit. 

As I have mentioned, results may vary to individual, some people take some times to see the result and some are visible towards the result. In this try out, I applies 2x a day. I am just one of the person who probably has a slower speed to see the result but the result is visible within 2 weeks for the length.


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