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Today's review is a review I thought I did before but no I didnt :P I used this product in a blogpost for: EYEBROW 101 and a video on my youtube channel: HOW I DO MY EYEBROW

I am sure all of you are familiar with Anastasia Beverly Hill (ABH) dipbrow pomade. I have tried 2 different ABH products, one was a pencil and the dipbrow. I personally prefer the dipbrow pomade because it last long on the brows and it is easy for me to blend with the brush. 

This brow gel (as I love to call it) comes in a glass pot. Simple, clean and sturdy. At the back it has the shades and the basic information. To use this, twist the cap to open and dip your brush into it.

I got myself 2 different colors; darkbrown and blonde.
I actually found it really hard to find the blonde shade in Jakarta so I got it shipped all the way from the states. *thanks sis*

Do excuse the mess on the pot :P I have been using these products.

A more closer look for these 2 shades are below:

Dipbrow Pomade comes in 5 different shades: blonde, auburn, chocolate, darkbrown and ebony.
I havent tried the other 3 shades, although I am now aiming for chocolate or auburn but I dont know, which one should I get? let me know and help me :*

The pigmentation is super high and consistent. Every stroke you apply, it will give the same pigmented colors and leave no different streaks in different intensity of colors.  I love how it is waterproof and long lasting with no smudging and this is for my oily skin where products barely stays on me and this last almost 8-10 hours. 

As for the texture, i am really loving the creamy texture! Cream + pigmented = Perfection!
It is super easy to blend and due to the creamy texture and the consistency of the pigmentation,
it doesnt get dry easily, when you re apply, it doesnt leave streaks of patches but instead, it all blends in together perfectly smooth. 

Alright, now lets see the swatch onto my brows.
To see how I do my eyebrows and to know more about eyebrows, links above :*

Here are my eyebrows before and all of the pictures below are unedited.

The aftermath.

The final one after filling and outlining. 
Ps: for the blonde shade, i did have to add a few layers to get the colors visible.

In my conclusion, I really love this product for its pigmentation, the texture and the ability to blend well without drying too quick. I also love the longevity for this product on my oily skin.

Now should i get one in Auburn or Chocolate?
please vote for one :*

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Dhana Xaviera said...

dark brown suits you better! :)

Ririe Prameswari said...

Woaaah, dark brown looks great on you!

theresia fweegy said...

Iyaaaa hahaha baiks beli yg chocolatee kalo gt

theresia fweegy said...

Thank youuu hehehe :*