Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hulo ~

A makeup tutorial for today? It is already Wednesday!
Omg... where did the time go?

I am always excited on Wednesday, it is closer to the weekend, not that my weekend is super interesting ahhaa my weekend usually consists of: events (if there is any) or church or being lazy or sometimes a dinner date but you know the traffic here, so I will avoid going out on Saturday Night if I can :P 

I made this tutorial, well hoping to inspire and help? if you are looking for a soft makeup look that you can wear day or night. I love myself some vintage look so I adjust the technique and application into a more softer and calm appearance.

I realized I didnt capture the products so here is the list:

Foundation: Makeover liquid foundation
Powder: Makeover two way cake
Eyebrow: Cosmos eyebrow pencil
Eyeshadow base: NYX
Eyeshadow: Makeover SS2014 #enchanting nude spells
Lashes: Gwiyomi lashes
Eyeliner: Maybelline gel liner
Contouring & Blush: Makeover Blush palette
Lips: Makeover #Brunette Pink

Alright, so lets move on to the tutorial.


STEP 1. 

Apply your foundation, powder and fill in your eyebrows. If you have oily lids like me, then eye primer is probably necessary but again, it is optional. I used NYX eyeshadow based because it holds the eye makeup longer and it has a white based color that will bring out the colors on the eyes. Then apply the lightest (white) shade in the palette all over the eyelids.


Apply the darkest shade (brown) on the outside corner, blend it well and bring it towards the inner corner. To create a vintage-ish look, blend the outside corner upwards to get this sharp edge.


Apply the same brown eyeshadow on the bottom lash line, to give a soft smookey look.


Apply a black eyeliner on the upper lash line and make sure to elongate the line. Then pick your favorite falsies and apply it ;)

Here is the eye look done. Now moving on to the cheeks.


Contour or shading is needed for my face, it is really a choice of yours to do this but I always contour my face. I have a round face so I apply the shading powder on the cheeks most of the times but it is, again, optional if you want to apply it to the jaw line and a little bit on the sides of the forehead.

Then I apply the blush above the shading, blend it well and avoid the apples of the cheeks.


Last but not least, I apply my favorite nude lipstick of all times, the Makeover lipstick in Brunette Pink. I owned 2 of them and usually I would sell one if I have double but i am keeping it!

Lastly, change your clothes if you are going out and ta-da!

Here is the final look ;) 
Soft and natural but romantic.

Perfect for all occasions.

I hope this super easy and simple makeup tutorial helps and if you have any questions regarding beauty, ask away! 

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