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Good Day to you!

As I am sitting down in front of my laptop, I am sipping my hot cup of jasmine green tea and of course, my true guilty pleasure, twelve cupcakes in red velvet! I have tried variety of cupcakes but Twelve cupcakes is my favorite, you guys should really give it a try :* and I have a day off from designs today :D yay! which means I can concentrate on my blog. So sorry for being very quiet, I have been working for my designs, back and forth to me dad's office and of course some beauty project. 

But i am back now, munching on my delicious cupcakes, oh you know what, try a cupcake when you want to break fasting if you are fasting, and a warm cup of sweet tea. Yes I am a sweet tooth hehehe

Last week, i had the privilege to attend a break fasting event with Restylane and my fellow beauty blogger. You dont know how much you miss seeing the old familiar faces until you arrived and beauty chaos happened :P well not a bad chaos but a beauty chaos hahaa Yes! truth be told I was in a gloomy mood that day but the mood was gone as soon as I meet my fellow beauty bloggers. Endi made me laugh so much :P *kisses for you Di* 

The event was like a beauty blogger reunion :P 

The event started as we ate our dinner, yes I gotta say that it was kinda hard for me to concentrate haha but we had games where we had to point to the areas on the face on where usually we would put the filler in :P 

And before I begin explaining what is Restylane, do enjoy these pictures. 

The gorgeous Dr. Vira!

Did you see that little cutie pie in the picture below?
Thats Hanny's son hahaha see how he is interested in the latest beauty trend hahaa

* for hanny: han tuh anak loooo lagi konsen dan mendengarkan dr.Vira dengan baik ahaha *

Picture courtesy by: Restylane

Alright, Now what was the event about?
It was a good warm session of sharing the latest beauty trend, regardless the traffic and rain in Jakarta, we all made a safe arrival at Nanny's Pavillion, Plaza Indonesia. Well, being to be in a beauty surrounding, we often heard about filler. Yes it is probably a controversial thing, we are living in a eastern culture and we have a strong traditions. 

Filler works to give that natural and youthful look by adding some v-shaped onto the facial structured. Not only that, wrinkles and saggy-ness can be treated too! basically, look youthful at all age! Now who isnt intrigued by this? Cause i am :P 
*yes the cupid's arrow had struck my heart hahaha*

Alright now, what is Restylane?
Did you think that this is a beauty clinic? Nope!

Restylane is an aesthetic range of products for youthfulness. It is in a form of crystal gel containing hyaluronic acid that will be injected to the skin. Restylane itself not a new brand, it has been established since 1996 and Hollywood celebrities such as Deane Keaton, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston and Megan Fox are their customers. As for Indonesia, one of my favorite singer, mother and business woman, she is one strong woman regarding with everything that happened to her, Maia Estianty!

NASHA technology is used in Restylane product has the most complete clinical test among the world. It is all safe and natural.

Picture courtesy by: Restylane

Dermal Filler by Restylane can last up to 6-12 months, so FILLER IS NOT A PERMANENT TREATMENT, if you want a permanent one, beauty surgery it is.

What will happen within 6-12 months?
Well, after you are done with the filler treatment, and looking all good and gorgeous, the hyaluronic acid will be absord into the body step by step, so no worries, it wont make your face change drastically. 
If you are thinking, today with a v shaped face and after 6-12 months, it will change straight away back to the normal appearance, you are wrong :P It takes time, slowly by slowly, so no sudden changes that will shock you.

I didnt go on the very first event, but I heard it was the process of filler-ing, some of my fellow bloggers who attend told me, it was pretty horrifying. But, i mean beauty is pain and with Restylane, you will be given an anesthetic cream of Lidocaine. 

Based on my question that I asked, I am considering filler actually because it is not permanent, I mean why not give it a try an have a gorgeous shaped for at least a year right? then after that everything is back to normal ahhaah 

I asked: whats the after effect once the filler is filled in?
The answer was: most of the customers experiencing no pain, and their daily activity goes smoothly. But! since a product is added into your skin, and we all have that sensory nervous system, you will feel like your nose (i asked for the nose area) is block like you are having a block nose like when you are sick but you are not sick :P

ok, so next question you probably have for me is
What is hyaluronic acid?

My major back in high school was not chemistry so honestly, i dont know, but based on my deep research, it is a natural substance that we all have in our body and its characteristic is to maintain and store the water level that maintains the moisture and flexibility of the skin. As we grow older *cough cough me* our level of hyaluronic acid in our body decreases and this is where wrinkles and saggy-ness come!

Therefore, Restylance is produced to replace and maintain the hyaluronic acid in our body. 

Apart from the filler treatment, there are also other treatments such as:

Alright, I hope these information are enough but if it doesnt, let me know in the comment box, i will ask them for you :*

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