Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello beauties :*
Recently... well not really... but yes, I realized the strength of natural ingredients.. semi natural ingredients actually for our skin! Not only they work so well, they are also low cost!

Today, I have 2 options for you and I did tried them out myself. 
So let me take you to another journey of beauty and to see the result.


If you love the smell of sweets, you probably would love this one ;)
I am not a big fan but I know that these are good for my skin so why not right?

All the things you need are:
Honey (act as an anti aging and moisturizer) 
full cream milk (to cleanse and moisturize)
sugar (act as a scrub to lift up dead skin cells)
an empty jar (i dont own one so I use this tiny plastic cup)

STEP 1. 

Add the milk into the sugar, the amount of the milk is really according to your liking, since I have tried a spa using fresh full cream milk, I added extra amount into it.


Add honey into it and since I also have tried honey at one of the SPA here, I decided to add extra amount too! By this stage, do not stir it because the sugar will be dissolving, instead leave it the way it is and use it straight away. You can keep it in the fridge but I wont recommend it for keeping it too long

Now I did some test to see how it will work. When I applied it, the sweet smell of honey is so obvious *drools* and when you applied it onto your skin, it is sticky but not that sticky because of the milk that breaks down the "sticky-ness" of honey. 

As for the result, I realized that my skin is softer and moisturized but I dont see any brighten or whitening going on, there is but very very tiny amount. If you are going for a super moisturizing and calming  body scrub, go for this one!


If you dont really like the sweet scent, you might want to try the refreshing one ;)

The ingredients you need are:
Olive oil ( moisturizer and anti oxidant, olive oil contains linoelic acid 
that prevents water from evaporating)
Lemon ( brightens, get rid of acne and scarring, helps to exfoliate)
Sugar (act as scrub to lift up dead skin cells)
An empty container 


Add olive oil into the sugar, just make sure that it DOES NOT exceed the sugar level.


Squeeze half a lemon into the mixture.
Mix it all together and apply it ;)

Now lets see how this works ;)

I realized that my skin is brighter after using this scrub compare to the previous one.
If you are looking for a scrub that brightens your skin together with a refreshing scent, go for this one.

It is also moisturizing!

So in my conclusion,
If you want a more moisturizing ones, go for the sweet scrub.
If you want a more refreshing and brightening, go for the refreshing scrub.

Results may varies on people and depending on how often you use them. 

Hope you can have fun creating your own scrub ;)

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ps: no editing is done in this picture so sorry for the quality


r-auLia said...

baru liat susu ultra yang begitu *eh OOT* :P

thanks buat info DIY scrubnyaa :)

Listiana Novita Dewi said...

klo aku biasanya kopi+madu+olive oil, soalnya pake gula buat aku terlalu kasar :D
have a nice day :)

W NisaFauzi said...

i love love love olive oil :)
salam kenal yaa...


Dewa Ayu said...

boleh bih dicobain :*
salam kenal yaa

theresia fweegy said...

haloooo semua :* maaf baru balas komen2nya heheh semoga ini berguna ya, karena aku pernah spa dan mereka pakai susu dan madu jadi aku pikir, yaaa ga salah lah di coba heheehe

salam kenal semuanya :*

turiscantik.com said...

wahhh mudah cara nya ternyata ya , kapan-kapan dicobain deh ;)

theresia fweegy said...

Salam kenal sayang

theresia fweegy said...

Iyah hehe gampang kok :D ak kan agak ga mau ribet ahhahah

theresia fweegy said...

Olive oil the besttt pokoknyaa hehee

theresia fweegy said...

Iyaa ak prnah spa d pakein susu n madu jadi aku pikirrr bikin aja sendiri heheh

theresia fweegy said...

Nanti aku coba kopi hehe belum pernah coba