Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Holla chicas!

So i am currently waiting for my friends to come over to learn the basic makeup, then why not let me introduce to you a multifunction ties. Yes, a tie that is multifunction!

It is a new and innovative thing right? 

Say Hello to:

Lulla  ( fb // ig )

Gosh such a cute name! me loves!
please click on the link to view and get to know Lulla more :*

Okay, so what makes this brand different than any other hair ties you asked?
Lulla is the first knot hairties in Indonesia!

You can request and customized the colors and patterns to your liking!
From girly, elegant, fierce, edgy, you name it and Lulla will give their best of ability to meet your request. For example, I requested colors that are suitable for my blog, which means white, grey and pink! You know, girly and soft yet strong and independent.

Here are the two types of ties that I requested. 
If you know me well, I prefer everything in one plain colors instead of patterns :p 

Here are a more clearer picture out of the plastic.
One holy and amazing thing from Lulla is they will donate 20% of their profit to charity.

Even if this is hair ties, I used them as arm candy too!
But mostly hair ties though, I love tying my hair up.

And what is best from Lulla? 
I can mix and match all the colors and sizes.

Here are the information on how to contact Lulla,
I hope it is clear :)

Alrighty, have fun and enjoying mix and matching your hair knots.
Of course, enjoy requesting and picking out colors and patterns that suit your style!

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