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Greetings on a Friday afternoon :* I am not sure when this will be up but Holla! I got something good for ya! Right now I am currently typing this outside. I never like working outside, as it decreases my ability to think and concentrate hahaha but well once a while is alright.

I am slurping on a Raspberry Fizz and it tastes super yummy.

Anyhoo, who here loves to wear eyeliner? As in an eyeliner is a must on your daily basis like how a lipstick is for me. I can go without any makeup but of course my lips gotta look STUNNING and of course EYEBROWS.

I am alright with eyeliners, as in i am fine wearing them but it is not a must on my daily makeup. The reason behind this is because, I have a very oily eyelids, I found that eye makeup can hardly stays last on my eyelids. However, I do have some favorite eyeliner from pencil, gel and liquid that stays longer than usual. 

Last week, I attended the Benefit events, to know more what it is about,
click here

Moooving on..............

I actually knew about this new product from Benefit because I watch a few beauty youtuber talked about it like Dulcecandy87, Nikkietutorials, Beautybroadcastexpress, etc.

I was ecstatic to be honest to be able to have the chance to try this eyeliner out!
I heard a lot of good reviews and I am pretty sure you all have read few beauty bloggers here who post about this review but i am here right now writing a review based on my own experiment with it.

A total valid research from a girl who has a very oily eyelids with the thesis question of:
Will this eyeliner stays on my eyes and amazed me?

Lets see!

Now before we start, lets check out their packaging!
Black and orange, it actually reflects the feeling of sexily cool.
Does that make sense?

It makes me feel that I feel strong yet girly but I can get away with anything.
Ok.. ignore it hhahaha

On the packaging itself mentioned that:


91% long wearing // 81 % waterproof // 86% hugged the lash line // 84% eyes look larger

Here is a unique and innovative part of this product, the accuflex, the tip of the gel eyeliner.
Yes this is a gel eyeliner, in case i forgot to mention this, a gel liner that doesnt need a brush!

It makes life super simple, i mean come on, life is complicated at times, and we dont need to add the complications more :P so ta-da! Well done Benefit Cosmetics! 

Alright moving back to the ACCUFLEX tip, what is this?
This tip replaces the brush, so instead of using the brush, this tip will help you to apply the gel liner smoothly and it also helps you to create that gorgeous cat eyed look!

Since it is a super innovative and new product,
Benefit Cosmetics provide an instruction on how to use this.

please check the image below

Are you curious enough to see the pen?
Well I still hope you are :P I know i am a tad tiny late with this post but hey!
I want to give this baby a good try before posting any reviews :P

So here is the pen, this somehow reminded me of Dior Lipstick i owned haha
See the new and unique tip? the tip itself actually feels rubbery and flexible that helps to glide and create the eyeliner of your choice on your eyes. It is thin and has a shape and edge that can bend following the natural curve of the lashes and of course, it separates the lashes when you use it.

It is a push up liner!

Which means, you need to give this baby a twist to be able for this product to give out the gel liner. 
It actually controls the amount of gel liners *incase if you are wondering "what if the gel comes out too much?"

This pen gel liner is actually really handy, I never bring any gel liner before in my bag because I personally found it is very troublesome with the gel then the brush, then having the brush dirty after using then having it in my bag which going to make the whole bag dirty and even if I cover it with tissue it will break, bla di bla di bla yes a hassle. With this liner, you dont have to worry about the mess and it is as easy as one two three, put it in your bag and ta-da!

This is how it looks like when you first twist it, truthfully, i found that this actually waste the liner, but oh well, you gotta lose some to gain some right? *dont think this is related* 

As you can see it is in a form of gel liner. If i have to pick one among:
gel, pencil and liquid
I would pick: Gel!


- Gel liner usually glide smoothly
- Gel lines has a more vibrant and strong pigmentation
- Gel liner doesnt smudge and it actually dries quicker than liquid
*the ones I have tried*

This is why I mention the first gel that comes out from twisting, is a waste and I dont like wasting this!
But can you see the tip that has a great shape to give a good wing eyeliner.

Here is the swatch, honestly when I tried this product, I need to get used to this.
Well, it is a new product of course I need to adjust myself.

The gel liner itself is great, super pigmented and the texture is thick yet smooth. It as an intense colors, matte and waterproof. I love how it glides easily and easy to hold, it is like drawing on your eyes :P
However, I need to get used using the flex tip. It was kinda hard at first but yes in the end 
I got the hang of it. It dries quick thats a good thing but the bad thing it is hard for me to re apply on top of it. 

Alright now revealing the biggest question:


but first, lets see how it looks like!

These pictures below are UNEDITED
all my acnes and flaws are here :D

Yes, i do wear eyelid tape :P
to enhance my eyes bigger.

Here you can see the liner, yes it is messy, I still need to get used to this,
I personally found the tip helps but, yes I need to get control of it.
I needed to turn and twist and adjust to each eye.

Then why not adding some falsies to make it more

Here is 11am and here was the plan of the day:
home, then off to chinatown, people in JKT would know where this is,
how hot and humid the area, the air pollution, the unpleasant scent and scenery but of course with a touch of culture.

Here is me at 5 pm after  going through the pollution, the heat, the rain, the sweat you named it!
It still stay perfectly well on the eyes, no smudge except the two tiny dots but still! 

Perfection and usually at this hour my eyeliner would smudge all over the lids but this, nope!


Overall, I love this product regardless the application that is rather confusing for me but as time goes by i am sure i can use this like a pro :P

I love how it last long and un-budge-able on the eyes and that is the main thing!

The price is IDR 340.000
which I think is worth every single penny and cents you come out with.

This comes with the remover to find out more about the remover *and probably why this and the remover are perfect together* click here

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