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Hello my beautiful people!
Now, since you have read my previous post on the PUSH UP LINER
after you have witness the magic it has on my eyelids, 
are you curious now on the remover? 

hints : another holy grail for a strong budge,water proof eye makeup!

The packaging is similar to the gel liner, all with black and orange color theme and of course,
it has the brief description box at the back.

Let's see, how many types of makeup remover i have tried especially on the eyes area,
water based, oil based, cleansing balm and yes that is about it really.

I dont think I have ever tried the cream *cleansing milk doesnt count* texture and yes 
I am excited to be able to give this a go together with the liner.

As you can see this product comes in a tube which I love because it doesnt waste product and i can always have a good control on the amount of the remover i want to use.

The product itself claims that it 
strip down waterproof eye makeup

So shall we see how powerful this is?
let's scroll down!

The remover has a cream based texture, it isnt sticky and it dissolve easily on the skin as I massage it around. 

Here is the little experiment, as you can see this is the swatch from my previous post on the liner.
I started to press a tiny bit at first so that the product doesnt go to waste.

I had to keep on massaging until everything dissolve and breaks down before removing it with cotton pad. At this point, there are two things I would like to explain based on my opinion; 

1. The experiment of removing the gel liner proves that the gel liner has a capability of staying for a very long time due to the difficulties in removing.

2. the remover has a strong capability to remover super long lasting eye makeup as i have tried removing the liner with other eye makeup remover but the result is not as satisfying as the Benefit They're Real Remover.

I am sure you have seen this picture before on the previous post, so it is like a sequel in movies, the removing part ;) Before i started, there are different ways for people to apply skincare and makeup, of course removing makeup too. I actually did some research but I decided to do this my own way.

This is the size I took for one eye. Not sure if it is too much for you but after I have tried removing the ones on the hand, I decided to apply a tiny bit more to avoid the mess of opening and squeezing the tube. 

Then I used my finger tips and massage it nicely. I decided to use my finger tips due to the warmth it gives out and breaks the cream where it breaks the long lasting eye makeup. In other words, the warmth on your finger tips helps in the makeup removal.

Another thing I love about this remover is the ability to remove lashes glue. I wear falsies a lot so I tend to buy a good false lashes glue that can stay one whole day and this glue usually rather hard to be removed until I met this!

Then with a clean cotton pad, wipe away the excess :)
Due to the cream based texture, i feel that it has some moisture in it after usage. 

If you really want to spend on a good eye makeup remover, I really do recommend this one!
It removes such a powerful long lasting eye makeup and it moisturizes the area around the eyes.
It isnt messy and it is quite handy to be used!

This should be out on the counter in Jakarta as for the price, I forgot but I think it is around IDR 295-ish? correct me if i am wrong! 

alright! so sorry for the lack of posts, i am currently trying to finish up a design project :P 

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