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I believe I did this DIY before on my youtube channel but I deleted it
because, I want to change the whole youtube channel and video and setting.

In fact, I deleted a lot of videos. More new and fresh videos are coming though so just wait *love*

So, I decided to do one in this post and it is better than the one I made on my youtube channel!
I was searching online to get an easy and super affordable ways to make your own makeup remover.
A way that isnt much hassle for me which means, all the ingredients have to be super easily available for me to grab and of course low cost but effective.

I found 2, so why not right?
I decided to make 2 makeup removers with 2 different ingredients
and compare the effectiveness. 

All of the ingredients I have in this post are easily found in my house or nearest supermarket.


Alrighty, the first DIY is using OLIVE OIL. 
You need to get the "EXTRA VIRGIN" olive oil because 
1. it moisturizes
2. it is exfoliation
3. it helps the skin elasticity 
4. breaks down makeup substances.


S T E P   1 .

Fill in the water 60% into the empty bottle.
For the measurement, it is depending on your liking. I want mine to be thicker on the oil so i go for a 
60 % water
40% olive oil

Once you are done, close the cap and shake well before using it.
I did a mistake where I fill the oil up close to the cap not allowing it to shake well,
So DO NOT fill the oil all the way up until the cap.


Now, we are moving on to the next step.
We need an extra ingredient for this one but trust me, 
it is also easy and quick.

I personally think and find baby products are safe and moisturizing.


S T E P   1 . 

My ratio is the same as the previous olive oil one so,
fill in 60% of baby shampoo + mineral water.
(so 30% each)

S T E P  2 .

Pour the baby oil into the bottle and make sure NOT to fill it up closely to the cap.

That is it!
You are done for these two makeup removers.
Quick, simple and easy right?

Well, there are a lot of people have posted and doing the exact similar ones but 
i adjust the sizing according my liking and now!
I want to test it out and take you guys to the experiments with me.

I have prepared my hands full with makeups ranging from 
eyeliner, eyebrows, foundation, lipsticks and these are the makeup i use often. 

Oh and one of the product that I didnt write in this picture is: EYELASH GLUE (below the concealer but it dried so it looks clear)


Okay, so when I was shaking it, yes I did fill it up and it was hard 
then i pour some out to give some space for the mixture to mix but.... 
I personally found it is hard but it is possible to mix olive oil with water .
(yes i am well aware that oil and water dont mix but that was on the source)

Okay, 1st wipe.
The makeup majority were still there.
It didnt lift up all of them, in fact, 50% of the products are still there.
*thumbs up for the great waterproof long wearing products*

3rd wipe, I personally think, it lift up 80% of them.
I do love the moisturizing feeling after though but not so much on the scent haha :P
Therefore, I think the strength on this one is not that great.
I also have to do a rather scratching way to help the remover.


Now, this one is my favorite.
1. it has a soft and great scent
2. moisturizing
3. easy to shake and pour

but.. how about the strength in removing makeup?

1st wipe-  this one slightly picks up more products , 
60% of the products are still visible.
The difference between this and the olive oil, after the 1st wipe, 
I can feel the moisture on my arm straight away.

3rd wipe, amazingly, 90% of the products are gone.
The ones that are visible:
1. tony moly liquid eyeliner (recommended) 
2. ABH dipbrow pomenade
3. maybelline color show eyeliner pencil
4. lash glue

Now lets compare!
which one is your favorite?
* i did a mistake by swiping the olive oil area with the baby oil remover --" *

I personally prefer the baby oil one, nope, not because the olive oil doesnt work, 
it does but it is because,
It has great and soft smell, moisturizing, and it lift up the products well.
It shakes well and easy to mix compare to the olive oil ones.

Then, again, since these are all ingredients from home, 
you cant expect to get a result from a real makeover that you have.

This is useful if you have not purchased a new makeup remover and urgently in need :)

Hope it helps!

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