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Hello my gorgeous people!

Now, I remember when I was young, 
I had to learn makeup the hard way:P
Yes, those blue eyeshadows hahaha

So, I was thinking, maybe I should make a post on the very basic makeup starter kit!
First of all, I am not teaching you and these items that I will mention are the items i have tried and I love them and I always recommend them to everyone. 

The best thing about these products that I will show you is they are affordable!
Most of the are below IDR 100.000
So everyone can own them ;)

There are a lot of other good products but these are just some of my favorites.

However, the price that I stated is the common price but some places has different prices so make sure you check the price out near your place.

My skin type is Oily, so these products mostly have the common similarities of:
Mattifying and smudge or waterproof on me.

However, these work well on me might not work well on you so please do a deep research before purchasing!


Let's begin!

Here, I serve you my top products for a starter kit in makeup!


Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation! This is at the top on my list when it comes to an affordable ones.
I have to cheap though, this is slightly above IDR 100.000.
I believe it is around IDR 115.000

Love the longevity, love the coverage and love how it is highly recommend for oily skin.
This is the dupe for mac studio fix fluid. I know I have both and they have the same scent.


I used both. Compact is the one I put in my handbag while loose powder is the one I used whenever I get ready from home. Loose powder works well for oily skin and it is highly recommended. I used LT PRO Loose powder because I was looking for one and randomly picked this one. Who knew that this will be in my must have kit! This powder settled onto my skin quick and it has this quality of making my skin smooth. The price is around IDR 85.000

While compact, I used it to touch up. I personally found compact powder especially the one with foundation is one good way to touch up. I owned a few of compact powder but I really recommend this one because of the coverage and oil control. The price is around IDR 45.000


I love blush with a peachy pink tone. Why? I find this color suits both day and night event. It gives you this healthy glow. I recommend the one from SILKYGIRL because i just love the pigmentation is has.
Review click here
Price is around IDR 40.000


This is optional but I know some people want this.
This is a shade and tint kit from LTPRO, I love this!
I have been using this for sometime now. I comes in 3 different shade.
The price is around IDR 85.000

It has a great color pigmentation, great ability to be blend well and it gives a natural look.
But you have to find the color suits well with your skin tone.


Another recommendation from me is, to purchase a lip palette.
I love this wardah lip palette in their peach lip color tone. They come in 3 shades but this is the most natural colors that you can own and wear them day to night. Price was around IDR 50.000.
The pigmentation is great and it is a combination of their lip colors range.

The best thing about palette is you can mix a few colors to your liking!


My friends know that I love my Tony Moly concealer. This concealer has the ability to cover up acne and their scars. Click here for review.
Price is around IDR 70.000

NYX Eyeshadow base, Price Is around idr 85.000.
It holds the eyeshadow longer and it enhance the colors.
This is recommend if you have an oily eyelids like mine.


I always recommend a good neutral palette!
I recommend this tiny palette from SARIAYU.
Price is IDR 60.000

Sariayu products have a high pigmentation and it is super easy to be blend!
With this palette, you can wear this day and night!
Review click here.


Eyeliner, I really recommend to buy pencil if you are a beginner in makeup. Pencil is really easy to control. Here i am recommending Maybelline Color Show pencil eyeliner. For only IDR 30.000, you will get a waterproof and long lasting with a high pigmentation of eyeliner!

Eyebrow, again this is optional but if you would like to do your eyebrows, I suggest to go with pencil because pencil has the ability of allowing you to control it and it is easier to shape.
Now, who doesnt know viva eyebrow pencil? The most famous local brand for eyebrow.
It only cost IDR 20.000

Mascara, I have tried a lot of mascara and only this particular product and brand really capture my heart. Maybelline the falsies. It lengthens my lashes and it doesnt smudge!
Price is IDR 95.000

So i hope these really help you in picking the items that you want to start your makeup kit :*

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julie jufri said...

Thanks for the info , Feegy. Will do buy them. LT Pro and NYX are my faves.