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Bonjour mon belles!

I think I have been obsessing over primers and products that are mattifying for my skin :P
As you all know I have a very oily skin especially on the T-Zone area. 
If it is possible for me to open an oil industry I would haha

Alright, I have the opportunity to try out the Sampar Glamour Shot Matte Perfection.
From the name of the product, it is obvious that its aim is to give a matte look.

Who has heard of Sampar before?
Sampar has an ambition which is to awaken the sleeping beauty in every woman, 
uncovering and revealing the nature beauty. Age and external factors that are repeated will affect the skin ability to adjust. It will make the skin dull, more sensitive and unbalanced. With products that are enriched in the brand's exclusive complex, its innovative formula will awaken the cells and reactivate the skin's vital function. 

The Glamor Shot product was invented in 2010, it is the revolution in cosmetic. 
The first transparent anti-wrinkles foundation in just 1 minute. 
This product will instantly corrects wrinkles, smoothes the skin texture and unifies the complexion. 

Now, in 2014, they come up with the GLAMOUR SHOT MATTE PERFECTION to combat the unwanted shine.

it is a transparent mattifying concealer!

It has the strength to mattify the skin up to 6 hours, non stop and no touch up needed! But of course this applies differently to people.
It also helps to balance sebum secretion for perfect control of unwanted shine over time.
It covers the pores and unify the complexion.

This product has a ground breaking technology!
1. HQA microlens, ultra mattifying new generation soft focus, reflects light homogeneously that gives a glowing and healthy complexion.
2. Lentil extract that are rich in oligosaccharides that slows down the sebum that lead to shine control and tighten pores and smooth skin surface.
3. Horse Chestnut extract, it is the source of escine, a natural venotonic astringent that attenuate redness and tightens pores. 
4. B Glucan that acts as an anti inflammatory moisturizing agent that repair and protects the skin from stress.
5. A powerful anti oxidant shield that reactivate the vital function of the skin. 

Here it is how it looks like. The product has a watery kind of texture. It has this distinct scent but it doesnt bother me. 

Now I am going to show you how it looks like on my skin.
Viewer Discretion is advice. 
No editing and No makeup picture :P 

First of all, I personally found that even the texture is watery, it is rather hard for me to blend into my skin. It takes a few moments to make sure the product in blend into my skin, settled in nicely and even out correctly on the texture. This product I used only to covers my pored and to even out my complexion. Once this product is apply, you can apply directly with powder but I always apply foundation :P 

I love how smooth and velvety my skin feels after applying this. 

How to use this product?
- Apply this product to the areas that you needed, or to the whole face if you wish after a moisturizer.

Here is my face before, you can see the pores, redness and uneven texture. 
Gotta love your flaws right?

You can tell that the size of the pores are smaller.

Then I applied a foundation.
You can see straightaway the difference between with and without.
The one with the product has a more even texture and smaller pores.

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