Thursday, May 1, 2014


Good Day peeps!
I am spreading the love to you :*

I am currently typing this while watching "the grimm"
Anybody watched this tv show before?
I am obsessed with it!

So...... whats today's post about?
I know that I recently just update my blog reviewing a lipstick,
but this is a must. I have been using this for a few weeks now and these,
you will find it in my handbag ALL THE TIME.

I have my review on their previous range.
Click here

Now they are back with 2 new range but I picked this range
just because I am obsessed with matte lipstick.
It is the

and yes i got them in 3 differnt colors

#sultry #elusive #complex

So come and scroll and find out why I love them!

First of all, the pricing is IDR 88.000
I hope I am not wrong hahaha 
as you all know I found it hard to remember numbers.

Second, I love the packaging texture :D
*see that big smile??*
It is so cute, like it is doff and not glossy.
Other than that, it is the same as the previous range.

Now, thirdly, the quality of this lipstick range.
I LOVE THE PIGMENTATION it has. I mean it is really affordable and with the price,
comes the great pigmentation. Even on it is rated 4.1 out of 5.

This is why i picked 3 colors at the same time. I was testing it on my hand and the colors turn out vibrant and visible at one swipe. It is also easy to apply and blend. If you have dry lips like i do, always to dab a tiny bit of balm before applying matte lipstick.

Regardless of its name to be matte, it has a creamy consistency which is good for dry lips but
in my case, I need that dab of balm honey. It leaves on the lips with a slightly velvety matte look. 

It has that minty scent, similar as the previous range but i dont mind.
I love the pigmentation, it looks good on me and to be able to find 
items that I have been wanting for a very long time at an affordable price with a good high quality, I dont think i can ever say no to that!

It is also long lasting, of course, if you dont wipe it off from your mouth on purpose. 
I mean I dont know if anyone really does that but that is not a valid research according to the
museswonderland research department :P and if honestly, if you happen to eat or drink, this products comes off *but isnt that logical?* I am ok with this because I dont like product that last way too long on my skin. 

Here they are on my lips :*

Overall, I really love this product, I really recommend this if you are looking for an affordable great matte lipstick *like i was before* and if you have dry skin, no worries, it has that slightly creamy texture to help the product to look "fresh" on your lips.

I purchased this in Metro Plaza Senaya but I am sure Matahari Dept Store will have these too.

Alright :*
til the next post!

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Vina said...

pengeeeenn huhu warnanya bagus2 tapi aku ga suka mintnya :( mesti nahan2 ga beli soalnya nanti pasti ga kepake..


Hai Hanitis said...

aaaaa cakep-cakep banget warnanyaaa :3 bibirku juga kering, jadi kadang menghindari matte lipstick. abis baca review ini jadi ngiler pengen beli hahaha T.T

Miss Plum - Ninneta said...

Aku juga suka bangetttttt....
Dan walau matte tapi enak banget dipake. menurutku sih. hehehehe.

Main-main ke blog aku yahhhh. Ada postingan tentang Grungy makeup and styel. Lengkap dengan sejarahnya tentu saja... :)


MITCH said...

Akhirnya matte balm keluar juga di Indonesia! Udah lama banget nungguin yg ini ^^


theresia fweegy said...

@vina: iya wanginya yaaa ehhee itu aku tahan2in sih abis suka warnanyaaa

@hanitis: pake lipbalm dl aja say hehee tp tipis2 ehhehe

@ninneta: iya matte tp enak ada yang beda ama matte2 yang lain hahaha

@mitch: iyaaaaa tp ada beberapa tempat belum sih hehehe smg d tmpt kamu sudah keluar yaaaa :*

Eria Eka W said...

Baguuus, suka yg complex sama elusive, galau mau beli yang mana dulu haha

theresia fweegy said...

Elusive bagussss hehe semua bagus sih :D

niasya esa putri said...

Complex kayanya cute banget untuk daily use ya mbak XD
nice review.. thank you cantik :)

niasya esa putri said...

Complex kayanya cute banget untuk daily use ya mbak XD
nice review.. thank you cantik :)