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Before I begin with this post, I would like to apologize for the poor quality of pictures.
Lighting was bleh and the camera just doesnt capture it :( but the product is still visible ;)
That is all that matters right?


Hello to you glamourous people!
How many of you suffered from:
Dark circle, wrinkles and fine lines. puffiness?

If you are one of them, well you are in a good place now.
I am here going to introduce to you a good product.
Not only good but great! 

I personally, dont have dark circles, however, I do suffer from puffiness.
Perhaps not a lot but it is still there when there is lack of sleep.

I have the chance to try this amazing product out!
I have heard so much about this.

Who doesnt know Glamglow?
well click here  and here to get the brief history.

Now, you are all probably asking, what is this

This is a single use sealed chrome cells with NEW TAP WIPE Bioactive technology.
The world's first TAP ON + WIPE OFF reverse action under eye and orbital eye treatment. 
This is designed for an instant 3 minute results. It can be used for men and women of all ages and all skin types.

This product contains:

where it is designed to activate retinol-like activity without the disadvantages.
It also have the innovative molecular cyclic peptide. 

( to increase collagen synthesis and reduce the breakdown)

(to fight the signs of anti aging)

(to increase insufficient capillary microcirculation)

(to protect and boost for a faster repair and defense)

It works to stimulate and provides an immediate result for under eye and orbital eye lymphatic.
It contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen from Ecuadorian Llex Guayusa holly leaf, Bolivian yerba mate leaf, French-african cote d'ilvoire cocoa fruit, Brazillian Guarana Seed, Indian Green tea leaf and Indonesian rainforest coffee bean *i am so proud* 

All of these will reduce the appearance of dark circles and to stimulate the circulation so that it prevent the visual sign of anti aging. 

to de-puff the eyes with soothing menthone and menthyl easter fatty acids that leaves the skin looks smoother. This helps to brighten, revive and soothe!

If you are a busy person and your activities include traveling, socializing, entertainment, you know, those busy and hectic schedule where it doesnt allow you to take a rest :P and by these, it causes dark circles, fine lines and puffiness, 
please get these products.


1. Each of these are divided into its own compartmen. 
It is not messy and it is very handy to be put inside your bag or even wallet!

2. It gives an instant brightening.

3. It is hygienic because it only provides one usage. 

Here is a closer look ;)
Looks like contact lenses yeah?

I love the glam packaging and what makes this even better, it has direction for the left and right eyes.

It is also sealed very tight prevent it from oxidizing. 
This is how it looks like on the inside.

How to use this?
1. apply this under the eyes in a tapping motion.
2. after everything is spread equally, wait for 3 minutes 
3. wipe it off

Please be aware in this picture and post, I have no makeup on and no editing,
You all can see my flaws :P 

Here are my eyes before the brightmud, as you can see, I dont really have any bad or obvious dark circles, lines or puffiness. I do have puffiness on the right eyes on the eye bag but it doesnt bother me.

This is when I apply it and I found out that, I only need one side of the treatment compartment but since i have opened both, I decided to apply it all over the eyes up to my cheek bones and above the brow for a brightening effect. 

Please make sure that the product doesnt dry, if it is dry, use water to remove it and be careful!

Here are my eyes after and AH-MAH-ZING!
The puffiness is better! look at the right eye on the picture below.
I love how instant this product is, you dont have to wait for a very long time.
It is handy and not messy because it comes in separated compartment and you dont need a lot of other products to remove it, you can remove it simply by using tissue.  I am sure no matter how busy and hectic you are, you will have time for a 3 minutes eye treatment!

The price for this product is only IDR 780.000
You will get 12 pieces in each box that will save your life ;)

You can find GLAMGLOW at Beauty Box Indonesia!
click here

As for the other problems such as dark circles or lines,
kindly do a deeper research to find out more.

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