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Hello Beauties.
I am so excited to do this review for you all.

Have you heard of 

I saw them at BeautyBox Indonesia when I was walking around
Kota Kasablanka Mall. They attracted me a lot but I didnt got a chance to see them. 
And now I have the chance to try some of the makeup out.

Let me tell you a brief background on this company.
Here is a screenshot taken from the website.

Are you wondering what is the concept of this makeup?

The Green Makeup.
It is inspired by the 21st century bohemian chic lifestyle. It is urban, free spirited, bold and meaningful.
They live and breathe a life fulfill with the philosophy of hippies. A strong business instincts and natural. Spontaneous, nature lover, simplicity and integrity are the characteristic of bo.ho chic!

Their values are inspired from the true meaning of the planet earth. The ability to adapt to the needs as time goes forward, to combine the beauty of science, nature and glam. This is the birth of "Green Revolution"

Who are behind the green team?
Vincent Honnart and Christele Bombana are the people behind the business principles of unique mix of green, glam, technical performance, and commitment. They are two personalities with distinct background and a synchronized vision. With a 12 years experience in the cosmetic industry, without a doubt, Christele is passionate about makeup and she wanted a cosmetic line that return a natural creation. Vincent on the other hand is a businessman. He started by distributing medical supplies in Asia, especially for pharmacies. He also realized that the choices for green makeup is limited. 
Bo.ho cosmetics donate 1% of the purchases to the 1% for the Planet International Club.

Bo.ho cosmetics offers a variety of makeup collection at their best quality to prove that it is possible to create a green makeup with natural ingredients that has a professional quality. These cosmetics are inspired by the natural colors, such as. chocolate, hazelnut, olive, amethyst, carrot, peony, pearls and transform these into cosmetic products that is suitable for all skin colors. These products are made from France and they wont stop perfecting the formula and the green concept. All packaging are biodegradable also their prices are affordable.

Here are some screenshot from their website on their collections. 


Eyebrow pencil
- excellent writing
- half hard structure
- excellent hold
- natural
- IDR 150.000

- water based formula
- solvent free
- IDR 195.000


- Moisturize the lips
- non sticky
- fresh aroma of grapefruit
- IDR 180.000


- corrective, anti dark circles, perfect hold and easy to apply.
- Ingredients consist of beeswax, olive oil, babassu wax, grapefruit essential oil.
- Price IDR 180.000

Compact powder
- non greasy to the touch
- easy to blend
- natural look
- controls oil and shine
- to even out skintone
- IDR 235.000

- thin texture, excellent hold, easy to apply and natural
- IDR 225.000

Powders "green mineral"
- 100% mineral powder
- easy to apply
- comfortable on the skin
- IDR 250.000

- thin texture, blend-able, moisturizing, for shading and contouring
- IDR 260.000


They have a range of seven brushes with wooden handles and natural brushes for eyes, lips, foundations and powders.

Prices vary from IDR 155.000- IDR 390.000

Alright, now let me share with you what I received.
It comes in this cute packaging.
Love the whole design.

I received:
A lipstick, a foundation, an eyeliner, and an eyeshadow.


This is a cream foundation. It has a creamy texture with a powdered result. It is easy to apply onto my skin. I tried using sponge but i prefer using foundation brush. The pigmentation is good therefore it works as a concealer for me as well. Usually, creamy foundation is good for dry skin. So if you have a dry skin or normal, give this one a try. I love the size that is so cute and I can bring this everywhere I go. I will start using this for my makeup client especially if they have a dry skin! The price for this is IDR 250.000

As you can see from the picture below, the texture is super creamy and good pigmentation that has a good coverage. The quality is build-able according to your personal preference. 


This I received is in a white color which is good since I have a small eyes and this is one technique that i used on my clients to make their eyes to look bigger. It is to apply a white eyeliner on the waterline and slightly on the inner corner.  The quality of this eyeliner is good, smooth texture and easy to apply.
Price is IDR 110.000


This is my favorite. You all know that high pigmentation is the number one quality i look for in every makeup product. This has a silky and velvety texture that gives that high pigmentation. Easy to apply and blend. The color pay off is superb!
Price is IDR 175.000


I am a lipstick lover. The lipstick is moisturizing and the color has a medium pigmentation.
This is great if you are not that confidence in wearing bold lipstick because the quality of this lipstick is build-able. It comes in 4 range of: matte, glossy, discrete matte and discrete glossy. 
Price is IDR 180.000


I want to share with you on how I would apply these items on my makeup.

Let's begin with the eye makeup.

1. Apply the Bo.ho makeup eyeshadow all over the eyelids.
Look how vibrant the color is.
Here is a sample of alternative black as smokey eyes.

2. Apply a soft brown matte eyeshadow above the purple one, then blend well.

3. Apply the same purple Bo.ho eyeshadow on the bottom lash line,
then apply the while eyeliner from Bo.ho cosmetic on the waterline and slightly on the inner corner.

A simple steps for a basic smokey eyes look from me ;)

False lashes are from Gwiyomi.

4. Apply the foundation. There is nothing right or wrong on how to apply the foundation.
As you can see the shade is slightly whiter than my skin tone, but no worries, I know how to balance it out! It also covers my acne and pigmentation. 

5. Apply a powder that is darker than your skintone, 1 or 2 level darker, so it is always best to have 3 shades at home. Then I added some bronzer around my face and of course I have to contour.
Dont forget the blush and the Bo.ho lipstick!

Here is the final look!
Eyeshadow, foundation, eyeliner and lipstick are from
BO.HO Makeup.

Please ignore the acne and skin hahaha
PMS is every girls' best friend!

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Ningrum said...

Never heard about this Bo.Ho brand! Looks cute and edgy. :D
Thank you for telling us. :)

Yuni Usmanda said...

baru kali ini denger brand ini. packagingnya unik banget ya, kaya dari kayu gitu. nice share, ci!

Queen Nobelia said...

Woah ci, thanks ya buat reviewnya! Plus dikasi tau harganya lagi!! Penasaran banget sama bo.ho ini dari kapan tau tiap lewat Beauty Box Summarecon Mall Serpong

theresia fweegy said...

@ningrum: welcome :* hope it helps
@yuni: iyaaaa concept mereka tuh mank yang nature related hihi eyeshadownya bagus
@queen: coba beli say eyeshadownyaaaa hihihi bagusss