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Hello you!
A new range from Bioderma *excited* is coming to town or maybe it is already here?
I will let you know on that *follow my social media, will announce if it is available already or not*

This is one product that EVERY OILY SKIN person need.

I myself is one of these people, I realized that i have big pores. There are a lot of factors that caused oily skin such as hormonal, diet, pollution and genetics. All of these will caused the enlarging size of pores that leads to the excess produce of sebum. 

Usually, it is on the T-Zone area. They tend to get oily faster than other area on the face. Big pores give an uneven texture on skin and when we reached our 40s, it will "go with the gravity" and turn into a more longer and oval-ish shape because the decreasing level of elasticity on our skin. 

To help with the appearance of big pores, people tend to put makeup to cover it or perhaps some people will apply products that will block the pores. If this happens, the skin itself will try to pump out the products out and that will make the pores even bigger and worse, a cracked makeup look.
Once the pores are bigger, then it will "welcome" the arrival of bacteria and I am sure we dont want that right?

Here is a picture explaining the differences between
Normal vs Oily

Now, there is a solution to this problem from Bioderma.
Sebium Pore Refiner range are produced specially for oily skin with big pores.
It has 2 double action that ensure to give us a cleaner and healthier pores. 
It contains astringent that can decrease the size of the pores and lessen the excessive sebum production.
With the unique patent of BIODERMA FLUIDACTIV it prevent the enlarging size of pores by maintaining the sebum quality and to decrease the risk of clogged pores.

This product contains several benefits such as;
1. Astringent care that contains Formes Officinalis mechanism that acts to minimize the pore and even out the texture. 

2. Anti Shine care that corrects the appearance of the skin by controlling the sebum and shine. 
It uses and combined a silica particles and polymethacrylate.

3. Kerato Regulating Care that gives a glow on the skin with the ingredients of salicylic acid that prevents the layering of sebum and of course to exfoliate the dead skin cells.

4. An effective and smooth formula on the skin.

Now how to use this?

Apply this in the morning or night as a moisturizer. As for me, I only apply it where i need it most.

The texture of this product is lightweight and that is important for me. I really dislike the thick and cake-y feeling on my skin. It feels non-silicon which i prefer. You dont need to apply a lot just a tiny pea size for the whole face. 

As for the scent, I forgot but I am sure the scent didnt bother me at all.
Once you blend into the skin, it settles really quick and dries quickly.
I prefer products like this because i hate waiting but you gotta be smart by applying one area by one area to prevent the product drying up.

I use this as a primer really. So lets see how it makes my skin look like ;)
Dont get shock because I have no makeup on at all!

Here is my face before the application, you can see the pores right? 
some pigmentation and redness.

After the appliance of the Sebium Pore Refiner
(1 layer)

I personally think it covers my pores and it doesnt make my pores as visible as before.
I can, however, add more but I dont want to.

Here it is after I apply foundation.

Here is my face with and without the Sebium Pore Refiner. 
If you observe closely, the ones wearing Sebium Pore Refiner has a better texture compare to the one without. Again, I could add more layer but I dont want to :P

I will let you know the price and whether they are already available or not in here :)
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