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Hello Gorgeous!
Today's post will be about skincare!
I received a one good treatment from Miracle Clinic at Kelapa Gading which was the


It is a mechanical peeling that combines two treatments which are the
microdermabrasion with dermal infusion.
A microdermabrasion used to remove the dead skin cells and in this treatment, it is using diamond tips.
A dermal infusion delivers treatment aiming to the specific topical problem.

Types of skin problems that MIRACLE DIAMOND PEEL PLUS can handles:
- dry and wrinkle skin
- big pores
- acne scars
- hyper pigmentation 

In this post, I did no editing *except watermark* so you can see my real skin without makeup.
Also, I will give you information on some extra treatments.

First of all, please do not get shock to see my acne on my jaw that are huge and red. I hated them!

I have PCOS, if you dont know what this is, basically, it is a condition where my eggs from ovary dont come out *this is the simple meaning* and to find out more, kindly google.
How do I know I have PCOS?
 I received this question a lot!
I had a blood test from the gyno.

I also have been realizing that my hormones are super imbalance and one of the effect is 
the acnes on my jaw and chin. This is also supported when I consult with DR. INGRID about my acne and she mentioned that acne on the chin are mostly caused by hormonal imbalance.

To cure this? of course you have to fix the main root, as for me, it is my hormones.
As for the acne, I had to do some injection to tone it down. I know this process because I experience this a lot!

Once I arrived with my mom, yes my mom was there for the consultation, I met with Beatrix and long story short, here was my mom and Dr. Ingrid :P

Dr. Ingrid was explaining to my mom about botox and "tanam benang".

Meanwhile they were discussing, here is the sneak peak of the room.
They are clean and neat.

All the products they used are one time disposal which means, one product for one customer only!
Used products will be thrown away and they have a sterilization machine too!

Here is one of the beautician preparing everything and in this picture she was giving me the brand new of the top for the diamond peel.

This process of MIRACLE DIAMOND PEEL PLUS went relatively short!
If you are a busy person and have no time for self pampering but would love to look good,
this one treatment is very recommended! 

The first step was: cleansing.

Cleansing is a must so that everything is clean to give a maximal result!

Then once the cleansing done, using a wet sponge (which the sponge belongs to me so i took it home)
she cleanse the whole face with it.

You can see my horrible acne!
but i have the solution *an injection but i shall share the story later*!

Now, the process began!
It is painless and doesnt cause any injuries.

The machine acts as a suction on the skin and the diamond tips peels the dead skin cells and stimulate the new ones. Specific topical solution will be absorb into the skin layer.

Here is me getting the injection for my acne.
I have tried a lot of dermatologist with their injection!
So far this one is the best, I see results within one day.
My acne was 'calming down' and I also received a few skincare products from Dr. Ingrid 
because I did some consultation also for my acne problems and I am loving my skin now!

Once the whole treatment is done,
she applied a sunscreen lotion!

Here is the picture I took after the treatment.
I feel the skin brightens and as for the acne, you still can see them :P

Here is the picture I took on the same day but at night!
My blackheads have disappeared, my skin brightens, some of the pores are not visible and of course
my acnes were 80% gone compare to the previous one.

So here are the extra part if you would like to know about BOTOX.
I wont go into details haha as I wasnt paying attention.
Here is the process before the Botox began.

The Anesthetic Step.
I think it was around 30-45 minutes.

Then here is Dr. Ingrid treating my mom.

So far, I havent seen any side effects on my mom which is good.
It took the botox roughly around 2-3 hours to settled in nicely.
Once the botox was injected, you will see some bumps but these bumps will disappeared later.
That means the botox are working its magic!

Alright, that is all for today.

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