Thursday, May 22, 2014


Hey you!
This makeup was done when I was bored at home and I didnt have any internet access to do my designs or blogpost. What went worse was, aside from the down internet connection, the tv signal was off! 

So, I decided to do this look based on my memory.
Apparently, my memories arent that good hahaha

I was watching madeyewlook channel and came across FREDDY KRUEGER tutorial.
So why not right?

Welllll... aside from the failure that I didnt look like FREDDY,
I hope this brings you laugh and light on your day ;)
Or maybe you will learn from this, I dont know but it was fun creating it!

The first thing I did was...
doing the brows and eyes in a smokey red look.

Then, using a small stiff brush with a red face paint, I created the shape of the skinned face.

Next, using the same brush, I fill in the skinned area with the same red face paint and blend it well.

To make it more alive, I added some black face paint and applied it on the corner of the skinned area to give it a shadow-like look.

To make it 3D-ish, I added some white paint on the corner and of course blend it well.

And, you are done! It is that simple.

Now, since this was a super sudden decision, I didnt have the right props, so hoodie was the best choice for me. No I dont have the knife too :P

And, I edited my eyes *because I can wear contacts* just to see the differences :P

Well, that is all for todays silly look!
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