Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Another fresh from the oven post from me
*more like i am scared i forgot to post this and it becomes "expired"*

Last night, I attend the launching of SS2014 MAKOVER 

But before I begin, I look..... unprepared because I was out since morning doing designs, gym etc 
and by the time I reached to the event, I look like a mess. 

The event located at Le Meredien Hotel and the seating was arranged, this is good somehow so that we can mingle with new people and i met a lot of new people whom I follow on Instagram!
The bubble and fun Uciet and of course one of my makeup inspiration Suhay Salim.

I really wish you all arent stressed with my craziness ahahahah :P 

Oh I also met Yoga Septa and I really wish I could say hi to Ryan Ogilvy, they are both gorgeous people! You have no idea!

I also met Aurare! but I didnt take any pictures with her.
hmmmm who else? of course i met my lovelies beauty bloggers but missing Jesslyn and Lele
*please yaaa kalian kalau baca ini hahaha ada perasaan hampa dan tidak sempurna tanpa kalian haahahahahha*

Righty then, let me take you around.
This is the hall when I reached there. 
Some of them have reached there earlier on :P

This is my table, together with Anah, Uciet, Suhay, Thea, Sasya and many more :D
The table was set so sweet and cute. Each of us received a mason jar with out name on it.

On the table itself also has the display of their new collection.
I have seen them before but i never actually tried them out so this is my first time really looking and testing the new products out.

Here are the closer look ;)
I hope this helps if you are looking for one.

The event began with the introduction to MAKEOVER COSMETICS.

Then to the new ss2014 product range.

Here is the swatches on Thea's hand :P

And of course, a group selfie is a must!

By this time, my camera died so to view more pictures 
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Winda said...

waaaa, rame banget acaranya >.< kapan bandung ada acara serame ini huhuhuuu

The Journey

Raden Ayu/MI said...

uhhh syg banget aku gak bisa dateng >.<

Eyeshadow nya bagus2 ya :D

theresia fweegy said...

@winda: nanti yak kt bikin gathering sendirii huhauahuaha di bandung :P

@raden: iyaa sayang neh km ga dateng ehehe kmrn ramee

Siti Kolisah said...

Nice to meet you Fweegy,,, semoga bisa ketemu lagi di event berikutnya.... Seruuuuu !!! ^^