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Hello girls :*
As you may have known, earlier today, I went for the reopening counter for Shu Uemura 
also at the same time, the launch of their new product range by Mika Ninagawa.
Mika Ninagawa is a well known photographer and this range is all about natural glow and time sufficient. 

6 of us were invited and I LOVE THE NEW RANGE!
I love the designs and colors. They are so colorful, it gives me butterfly of happiness in my tummy :P

Being a lipstick junkie, I cant miss these babies right?
Tint In Gelato, for cheeks and lips, if you are a type of person who loves a good base and barely wear lipstick and blush, I really do recommend to get these products, they are a 2 in 1 product and a tip from me is to get the one in peach pink because this color is superb for day and night.

Pick the CR03!

If you want a palette that is small enough to be put in your daily makeup pouch,
get these cuties, spiral duo eyeshadows!
They come in 2 different colors but they have the natural ones.
*swatch at the end of this post*

I arrived pretty early, I went and had lunch then 15 minutes before the event started, I went there to greet the person in charge. It was great meeting familiar faces!
Gita was there and since there werent a lot of people, I quickly jump into a photographer mode to snap pictures, because, it is kinda hard to capture pictures when there are a lot of people around.

I need my space and relaxation to take pictures :)

I realized that this is the new counter for Shu Uemura. I lived near Grand Indonesia and of course i do go there plenty of times and I actually never realized Shu Uemura counter until they have moved with the new designs and location. 

Now let me take you around the counter.
The picture above is where the dressing table is located that allows customer to come and tested out their products and of course, in the hand of the professional makeup artist from Shu Uemura!

Aside from makeup, Shu Uemura also comes in their skin care range and they are display in one section so people are clear and understand it.

Below is the new product for the lightbuld compact.
There are variety of shades, so here is the colors, just incase you are searching and wanting to know about the colors. 

Next, it is their eyelashes collection.
Their eyelashes are gorgeous! 
From natural to fabulous, they have it there!

Even the "doll" are wearing them :P

Then to the makeup section, where all the cosmetics are placed in their category and along the section.
Here are the colors of the face architect liquid foundation that I heard this foundation is good! then comes the lightbulb fluid foundation which is also good but truthfully, I have tried once only so I cant really say anything much.

Then their range of colorful eyeshadows and blushers, according to one of my friend, she told me that Shu Uemura blushers are really good but then again, I dont own any so I dont really know the quality of it * I really want to try them out though* 

Now, my favorite section, lipsticks!
I have been eyeing them for so long and it took me sometime to decided which color to pick from haha I really wish I could have them all. *anyone want to make this wish come true?*

The infamous cleansing oil!
Have you ever tried this? 
let me know how they are!

Just for fun, this is the INCEPTION of.... BEAUTY!

Here are the 6 bloggers including me who attended the event,
if you want the picture without the watermark, let me know ya,
email will do ;) 

Once the 6 of us are together and united hahaha
the event began with Dea introducing the range and the counter.

Then the welcome dance by Kimono Dancer.
I swear i wish i can dance like them but nope, my body is too stiff hahaa

Then here is the beauty expert ;)
She explained about the products and the looks that will be created on 2 models.
They are the sweet look and the cool look.

Here is the makeup artist creating the cool look.

This is the sweet look. 
I love the model complexion.

and here is the final look!
Gorgeous right?
They are all using the new range for Shu Uemura.
I gotta be honest that I am falling in love with the spiral duo eyeshadow!

Then once the whole looks are done, we were guided to the beauty lounge to have some snacks and while we were inside there, we had the chance to look closely at the products, so here are some swatches I took just for you all :*

I didnt take much in the beauty lounge because...
1. the lighting wasnt that great
2. we were enjoying our beauty talk
3. we were busy eating *oops*

Overall, I had fun today, trying out and testing out products but hey!
that is why i become a beauty blogger right? I love testing out and recommending products to help everyone in need out there and I really do recommend these new range!

I got myself some tint in gelato in PK02 and a matte lipstick in 335 :)
Review will be up soon :*

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy this!

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