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Today, i have a short post of recommendations.

I have an oily skin. I would say, oily- super oily.
Therefore, when it comes to base makeup, I prefer to find the ones that are mattifying and long lasting on my skin, although it is hard to find that perfect product, I have to blot my face once a while to keep it matte. 

Compact Powders are one product that I HAVE to have in my bag.
When I search for a compact powder, these are the first few important things that I am looking for:

1. Mattifying 
2. Control Oils
3. Good coverage

Right now, I have a few products of compact powders that I do recommend and the best thing, they are  affordable *for me at least* and who doesnt love a good reasonable price with a good quality product?

These work well on me and might not work on you. So aside from my blog, do a deep research on each of the products. 


1. The current favorite and the product that I used all the time. 
PAC Compact Two Way Cake Powder. 
I keep this in my handbag everyday for touching up.
For a complete review, kindly click here 

2. Another favorite product of mine.
Makeover Two Way Cake Powder.
Review click here

3. This is an oldie but a goodie.
Silkygirl two way cake oil control foundation.
A quick review, the quality is similar to other foundation and what I love about this is
the coverage and the oil control it has. 
It is staying true to what it claims on the packaging.

4. Now this is a love hate relationship.
I love this due to the coverage that is superb but it doesnt stay that long.
If you have a normal skin, this might be best for you.

Now, what I love about this is, it matches with my skin perfectly.
So here is a secret that I have, whenever I apply makeup especially eye makeup,
I used this to soften the edges. Not only it blends in well and soften the edge but it is working as a highlight too! Hen the "pan hitting condition" of this product shows how much I have been using this.

5. Last but not least, this is a super old favorite of mine and I dont have it anymore because I need to finish the rest before purchasing a new one! 
Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free foundation

That was a long name :P

Price is affordable! Good oil control!
Long lasting and GOOD COVERAGE!

The pink packaging is an extra point for me.

Picture courtesy of Google.

I hope these help you in choosing a foundation or perhaps not to choose a foundation based on your skin condition. 

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