Monday, April 21, 2014


Hello all :*
Today, I want to show you on my own personal take to create a:
maggot coming out from a scab
makeup tutorial.

This is inspired by:

So, I apologize that I forgot to capture the very first step haha but all i did was:
Mix a mixture of water and flour, and take tiny pieces and stick it onto the skin.
This will be your scab.

Once they are stick, I used an extra help of using lashes glue, you know, just in case!

Next step is to take a red face paint,
with a tiny fluffy brush, apply and paint it surrounding the scab.

What I am doing next is I am adding a touch of brown color just to make it more gross looking and,
with something sharp, i am making a hole in the middle of the scab.

Then, next, I am taking a flat brush, and with the same red paint, I created a tiny vein like stroke coming out from the scab.

Then create or take a dark purple paint and paint it over the scab including the hole we created just now.

Lastly, add the maggot, this you have a lot of choices, you can take rice, or some playdoh.

Ta-da the final look!

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Nessya Arnelitha said...

Aduhhh. ngeri amat ceeee . Pinter banget sih bikin effect kayak gini . salam kenal ce :)

theresia fweegy said...

@nessya: hai nessya salam kenall!! hehee makasih ini belum bagus banget sih buat aku belum rapi hehehe