Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hello all :*
I am sure you all have heard of this palette and I am probably the last one to do a review on this but,
anyhoo, I want to share my own opinion on it.


So this post will be a short one because I dont want to repeat a lot of information.

The packaging.

This is my first ever palette that has a cute and different packaging. 
The texture of the packaging is from velvet. 

Luxurious? YES!

And also it helps the palette to stay grip onto the table or in other words,
it isnt easy to fall off but still be careful with it.

When you open the palette, this is how it looks like.
A row of neutral eyeshadows with a brush.
It comes with the UD primer potion too :)

The quality and swatches

The picture below shows the swatches and clearly, with not hesitation, the pigmentation is fantastic! 
The texture is smooth and it is easy to blend! The colors are the ones that are used for daily basis or even night time events! I personally love this palette and I am aiming for the Naked 2 now.

I used this when applying makeup on my clients and I only received good feedback ;)

Here is a makeup look that I created with this palette!

Want to know how?
Click here

I hope i help you in making decision whether to buy or not to buy this palette?
Because I was doing that until I decided to get this, well I got it as a gift :P

But every pennies and money are worth it!

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