Friday, April 4, 2014


Hello hello!
Good Morning!

Here is my "just wake up" face + eyebrow filled in :P
This is a special moment, let us all embrace that, a special moment where I am going to show you,
my current favorite skincare step from Menard.

It is an honor to be able to try these products out, my mom is a big fan.
As for me, this is my first time trying out Menard Skincare products.
So after a few weeksssssssssssss, yes... I forgot how long but I am aware there is a slight change on my skin ;)

However, I have to admit that, I am THE WORSE when it comes to skincare.
I tend to forgot to apply them hahaha 

But i always remember to do a double cleansing!
Just forgot to apply a lotion and moisturizer haha

Anyhow, Let me introduce to you:
Menard Japan,
Tsukika Range.

I guess I am taking you and showing you how I deep cleanse or double cleans my face.
Usually, in the morning I dont really do this
*another honesty*


I make sure I do this step every single night before bed!

After a whole day of activity, i am 100% sure dust + dirt + pollution and probably makeup
are stick onto the face and to avoid breaking out, I do this step.

The first step is:

I use the cleansing cream and this is a habit actually, i always put 5 spots on my face.
Then i massage my face and make sure, I take my time doing this!
Keep massaging until you dont see any cream left.

This cleansing cream is different from cleansing milk.
The texture is thick and you dont need a lot of product although I tend to apply a lot *again another habit of mine* I love how it dissolve onto the skin due to the heat from our hands while we are massaging it. It is creamy but not sticky and that is important for me.

And since, I am no where near any water or sink, I usually do my makeup and remove and do double cleansing on my dressing table so i have a spray bottle filled in with mineral water. Yes Mineral Water.
I sprayed all over my face, then used cotton pads to remove the cleansing cream.

I have tried removing it without water and with water, I can tell a huge different.
With water, it is easy to remove and I feel that 99% of dirt/makeup is lift up from the skin while without water, it is rather hard to remove and I can feel a creamy and oily residue on my skin. 


To use the washing cream, we have a slightly different way. We were given a net and the usage of this net is to create foam from the washing cream. 

What you need to do is:
apply a pea size of washing cream onto your palm, take the net and sprinkle some water on it.
Do a massaging and rotating motion until it becomes foamy.

Make sure the size is as big as a tennis ball so keep on massaging!

Then, use the foam, dont press it, in a rotating motion, apply it all over your face.
That is the correct way but, I am not going to lie that every morning, I barely do this step because
i tend to get up late :P but i do this step every single night to achieve a maximum result.

Now moving onto the Lotion.

The famous BEAUNESS!
This is for the texture, acne and pores.

As you can see I have huge pores, uneven texture and acne, so how perfect is this product?! :D

What I do is, and I do this every morning and night, pour some onto the cotton pad, patted it all over my face and place it onto the problematic area. It has a cooling sensation and I like it. 

But since i am pretty bad keeping up with my skincare, the result slightly slow and late but I do realized a tiny changes on my skin, it reduce the redness.

And once everything is done, I actually skip moisturizer and apply sun block.

So i hope you enjoy this review and my skincare routine.

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