Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Howdy y'all!?
I havent been doing a lipstick review for sometime now,
so i am back with one!

This is also my current obsession and favorite lipstick.

Say "HELLO" to:


Now, this lipstick is different, it comes in ALL types of shades
like blue, black, green, yellow, etc.

but of course, I got my hands on these colors that I can wear for day and night events ;)

Here are some of the collection I own and also to show you their packaging.
It comes in purple with unicorn silver silhouette.
I think their style and design is unique, indie, edgy yet artistic. 

But y'all know I am all about the quality!
Whenever I buy my makeup products, the first thing I am looking for is that

Here is the colors that I owned.
L-R: Countessa Flourescent, Geradium, Coquette, Babette.


I love their pigmentation! I never have to reapply whenever I am wearing them. They also last long and I really recommend these lipstick if you are looking for a great lipstick that last long for events. It has a vanilla scent which reminds me of MAC.

The texture is creamy and I love it!
It glides easily, blend easily and sits nicely on the lips.

I have no idea on other colors quality but these are the ones that I have tried.

Here is the swatch, sorry for the lighting.

I purchased the pink-nude shades because these are the colors that I will wear the most.
Recently i have been obsessing with nude colors! :P

Here are the colors on my lips ;)

Countessa Flourescent
It is a blue/cool based lipstick with a touch of purple.

This has a warm undertone in a  peachy red shade.

The perfect nude color for smokey eyes :)

Nude shades with a peachy pink tint in it.

So if you are looking for these lipsticks,
I hope my reviews help.

Stay tuned for the next post :*

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Leonita Nerisa said...

hei kamu beli lime crime gak ajak ajakkk hahahaha

Miss Plum - Ninneta said...

I love love limecrime... Tapi sukanya yang warna ajaib-ajaib itu. And they have a lot!!!

Mampir ke blog ku yah. Ada postingan tutorial baru menggunakan warna paling hits tahun ini.


theresia fweegy said...

@lele: hai kamuh! muncul disini hahaha
@miss plum: iyaaa warna ajaib2 yang lain juga bagus sih cuma kalo di aku ga akan kepake hihihi